Oasis Widens Technology Offering with Legal Research Platform, eDiscovery Assistant

LOS ANGELES, June 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Oasis has continuously expanded its eDiscovery software offerings based on the latest and most effective software in legal technology. Now, reaching beyond standard eDiscovery technology, Oasis is expanding into resources that legal professionals use for research and education by partnering with eDiscovery Assistant.

eDiscovery Assistant is the only eDiscovery case law database and resource center for attorneys and legal professionals. Its application team curates case law and rules, provides checklists and forms, and will soon provide a learning center that delivers on-demand, practical knowledge for legal professionals.

eDA was founded by Kelly Twigger, Principal at ESI Attorneys. "It's a different way of approaching research in this area but our users are astounded by the results," says Twigger. "We are about to see an explosion of COVID-related litigation, and cost-effective discovery of different types of data is going to be a huge issue. We want lawyers and the professionals supporting them to have the resources to get our country and our economy back on its feet."

Oasis is excited to partner with eDA to provide clients with the time savings and organizational abilities offered by the software.

"Education in eDiscovery is vital to ensure that legal professionals understand current case law and eDiscovery rules. We strive to provide our partners with the ability to stay at the forefront of technology and understand the changes made to the procedures that must be followed in court as it relates to data. We are thrilled to offer this incredible solution," says Christine Porras, Oasis Director of Technology Solutions.

About Oasis
Oasis provides a fully integrated solution that includes data centers, server infrastructure, software licensing, maintenance, administration, and all the service layers in between. Oasis has earned a reputation as the "vendor to the vendors" by supporting over 50 legal service providers with infrastructure and software solutions from behind the scenes. Learn more at oasisdiscovery.com or contact info@oasisdiscovery.com.

About eDA
eDA organizes case law the way that lawyers work-by issue. eDA takes the guesswork out of finding what you are looking for by tagging each decision with eDiscovery issues-think sanctions, failure to preserve, mobile devices, social media-and lets you build a search using issues, keywords, judges and other filters to quickly find the answer to your question. Learn more at ediscoveryassistant.com.

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