Bamboo Luminaries Voice-Interaction Trivia Game With Over 200 Historical Figures Now Available on Google Home and Google Nest Devices, Android Phones, and Android Tablets

SEATTLE, June 8, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Bamboo Learning, the leading provider of voice-based learning solutions, announced the availability of the Bamboo® Luminaries Action on Google on more than one billion Google Assistant-capable devices, including the entire family of Google Nest and Google Home devices, as well as most Android phones and tablets. Bamboo Luminaries is a popular voice application and history trivia game from Bamboo Learning that features prominent and lesser-known influential historical figures from diverse fields including architecture, art, film, geography, history, literature, music, science, social justice, and sports. Through Google Assistant, Bamboo Luminaries is available in over 80 countries. Players who have Google Assistant screen-based devices, including Google Nest Hub, Google Nest Hub Max, and Android phones and tablets, can view images and text that enhance the voice-first educational game. To have the graphics synchronize with the voice interaction, Bamboo Luminaries takes advantage of Google Assistant's newly released Interactive Canvas, which allows developers to add visual, immersive experiences through conversational Actions on Google.

"Bamboo Luminaries has been one of our most popular voice applications, and we are excited to make it available to over one billion Google and Android customers using Google Assistant," said Ian Freed, Co-Founder and CEO of Bamboo Learning. "Bamboo Luminaries games, including Guess a Luminary and luminary quizzes, are a great way to learn about important historical figures and how they shaped our world."

Bamboo Luminaries includes several features including Luminary of the Day which highlights a different, fascinating historical figure each day; the popular Guess a Luminary, which offers three to five clues about luminaries to players and asks them to guess the correct luminary; and the Luminaries Quiz, which features multiple choice, true/false, and open-ended questions about each luminary. As players make progress in each feature, they earn points and get placed on the Bamboo Luminaries Leaderboard --

"Bamboo Learning has become a leader in voice-forward educational applications in the few years since the company's founding," said David Kaufman, Senior Product Manager for Google's Assistant Developer Platform. "The Bamboo Luminaries Action truly takes advantage of the new visual capabilities of Interactive Canvas to weave interesting photos from the past into a conversational history trivia game."

Bamboo Luminaries now includes over two hundred luminaries, incorporating many fascinating anecdotes such as how China's Cai Lun invented paper nearly 2000 years ago, how Barbara McClintock used corn to uncover the mysteries of genetics, and details of the multi-sport prowess of athletes Althea Gibson and Jim Thorpe.

"T-Mobile customers can now access Bamboo Luminaries on the go using Google Assistant on their Android phones," said Parag Garg, Vice President of Product & Technology, T-Mobile. "Bamboo Learning is at the forefront of developing conversational learning tools. It's a fun, educational way for our customers to enjoy history and compete with their friends."

"We are thrilled to be able to expand access to Bamboo Learning's voice-based learning program to the billions of Google users worldwide," said Irina Fine, Co-Founder and Head of Content, Bamboo Learning. "Bamboo Luminaries games and quizzes are based on a solid educational foundation of social studies and listening comprehension exercises featuring ethnically, racially, and geographically diverse, historically important figures who have shaped fields as varied as art, film, science, social justice, and sports."

Bamboo Luminaries Action on Google can be enabled for free in more than 80 countries by saying "Hey Google, talk to Bamboo Luminaries" to devices with the Android Google Search App version 9.86 or later. To learn more about Bamboo Luminaries, visit Bamboo Learning at

Bamboo Luminaries starts each day with a short description of the Luminary of the Day. Customers with screen-enabled Google Assistant devices will see an artistic, historically-relevant photo. After hearing the brief introductory information about the luminary, players can choose to learn more details and take a quiz to earn points and badges. At any point, players can "Guess a Luminary" by listening to three to five clues and seeing if they can identify a randomly selected luminary to earn points. Additionally, customers may "Explore Luminaries" to learn about over two hundred important historical figures, which Google Assistant lists in successive groups of three. After earning points, customers often move up in the ranking relative to other Bamboo Luminaries players.

Bamboo Learning welcomes Google Assistant users to the fun and exciting Bamboo Luminaries history trivia game, and extends this challenge from the "Guess a Luminary" feature:

Here are your 3 clues:

    --  This luminary was an Italian-Brazilian architect.
    --  This luminary designed the Glass House in the Brazilian rain forest.
    --  This luminary also designed furniture and jewelry.

Who is this luminary?

Based in Seattle, Bamboo Learning is the award-winning leader in voice-powered education with a mission to bring engaging, high-quality learning experiences to customers around the world. Bamboo Learning develops applications for Alexa and Google Assistant that enable families, teens, and adults to have fun learning and practicing several subjects while listening, viewing images, and using their voice. Bamboo Learning applications, including Bamboo Luminaries, Bamboo Books, Bamboo Math, Bamboo Music, and Highlights Storybooks from Bamboo, offer a range of challenging and engaging exercises to help customers master different levels of subjects. Customers can sign up for a Bamboo Grove account to follow their progress in Bamboo Learning voice applications.

Bamboo Learning's co-founders are Ian Freed, CEO, and Irina Fine, COO and Head of Content. Ian Freed is a thirty-year veteran of the technology industry, including twelve years at Amazon, having served as vice president of Amazon devices, where he led both the Amazon Echo & Alexa and the Amazon Kindle businesses, and served as technical advisor to Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos. Irina Fine is a thirty-year veteran of curriculum development and teaching, having worked in public and private sectors of education in New York, Washington DC, London, and Moscow, after receiving her M.Ed. in Curriculum Development and an undergraduate degree in Piano Performance and Music Education.

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