SwiftScale Achieves Key Milestone in Faster Manufacturing Process for COVID-19 Treatments

SAN FRANCISCO, June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SwiftScale Biologics today announced it has successfully manufactured a COVID-19 neutralizing antibody candidate at clinical scale. This achievement validates SwiftScale's ability to use its rapid biologics manufacturing technology to accelerate development of treatments for COVID-19.

"SwiftScale has a dedicated focus on manufacturing antibody treatments for COVID-19 and accelerating clinical development timelines," said David Mace, CEO. "SwiftScale is proud to announce a partnership to manufacture Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.'s neutralizing antibody candidate for COVID-19, which was discovered using BSI's antibody characterization platform."

SwiftScale's novel manufacturing platform reduces the development time of biologics by several months from DNA sequence to clinical batch relative to traditional manufacturing platforms. Swiftscale is in the process of reaching 100,000 dose per month capacity under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) specifications. All facilities are proudly located in the United States with a US-based supply chain.

David Mace added: "Every day counts in the fight against COVID-19. This milestone is a critical step on our mission to enable partner companies to develop safe, effective and specific treatments for the virus in a rapid manner. We're grateful to our collaborators Culture Biosciences and the Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts Process Development Unit at Lawrence Berkeley Nation Laboratory. Having access to Culture's high-throughput fermenters allowed us to shave weeks off our timeline."

Swiftscale Biologics uses an innovative development and manufacturing platform that can significantly accelerate the normal timelines for translation of biologics. We rapidly transform scientific discoveries into protein products ready for human clinical trials.

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