EOS Crop Monitoring update: track the soil moisture on your fields

MENLO PARK, Calif., June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- EOS Crop Monitoring, a satellite crop monitoring platform, has launched an extensive update. The presented features function as a multi-faceted tool for farmers, crop consultants, and agricultural retailers helping them make data-driven decisions, cut expenditures, and increase yields.

The key highlights of the updated system include soil moisture management, team accounts, a 14-day weather forecast from a leading weather provider, enhanced zoning, and other minor tweaks that make working on the platform a smooth experience.

Here is a brief overview of the new and updated functions:

Soil Moisture

The product supports an innovative feature, soil moisture monitoring. Farmers don't have to be experienced users of the platform to process information. With two curves displayed on a customized chart, they can track surface moisture and rhizome zone moisture obtained from satellite data. It can seriously improve yield predictions and upgrade farming decisions to a notably higher level of efficiency.

The key advantage of satellite-analyzed moisture: there is no need to buy and maintain expensive sensors. The analysis of current and previous indices back to 2015 assists growers to come up with feasible solutions to soil cultivation and crop treatment. Monitoring precipitation in hot or wet periods, for instance, enables growers to make appropriate decisions on watering fields.

The updated feature of soil moisture monitoring is currently available in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Argentina as well as in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine.

Team Accounts

This feature gives an opportunity to organize all digital farming activities in one shared account. A user can join as many Teams as one wants and switch between them effortlessly. With the updated Scouting feature and a shared account, every task automatically syncs with the mobile application account. A user is kept in touch with the latest reports of the Team thanks to the automatic alerts sent directly to email.

14-day Weather Forecast

Understanding that weather data is a cornerstone of success in agriculture, EOS Crop Monitoring introduces the updated feature Weather+. The platform integrates data obtained from aWhere, one of the leading weather providers for growers. It gives the users high-quality information with scientifically vetted agronomic models. Using this update, they can track weather conditions, adjust work plans, and get ready for extreme weather conditions.

EOS Crop Monitoring accurate and timely 14-day forecast includes the following crucial data:

    --  rainfall
    --  minimum and maximum temperatures
    --  air humidity
    --  likelihood of overcast conditions
    --  wind speed and direction.

With access to historical weather data archives, users get information on:

    --  amount of accumulated precipitation
    --  the sum of the active temperatures
    --  daily rainfall
    --  daily air temperature
    --  weather resolution 9x9 km

With the use of this advanced feature, farmers get credible information for solving predicaments and adjusting the strategy of their business development.


The Zoning feature has got a serious update. Now, a farmer can create vegetation maps just with one image or use the images from the last 5 years to get a deeper understanding of the field. The integration of the latest satellite imagery and the most reliable vegetation indices (NDVI, NDRE, MSAVI, and ReCl) allows algorithm to determine the areas for application of fertilizers and variable-rate seeding.

Moreover, one can use Zoning to create tasks for precise soil sampling. This can substantially cut costs spent on chemical analysis.

What does the upgraded feature offer?

    --  Large fields can be split into 5 vegetation zones, smaller ones -- into
    --  Sentinel-2 satellite imaging gives more precision.
    --  Selection of a period for analysis for clear conclusions.

Some Minor Improvements

Details are important, and EOS Crop Monitoring always strives to make the customer's experience on a platform even handier. We work hard to optimize the workflow and fix all bugs. That's why satellite monitoring emerges as not only a useful tool but also a fast and convenient one with numerous recent updates. For that, the developers:

    --  improved the Legend and Cloud Mask;
    --  boosted product performance;
    --  made the charts more accurate and easier to read;
    --  added Spanish and Portuguese.

Last but not least, we have modified interface elements to help our customers with task completion. The optimization of the system and improvement of data processing speed allow getting access to varied information and studying visualized data on the platform.

With these tech benefits, farmers can effectively run their businesses and respond to the forthcoming challenges. Both loyal and new customers can try out the upgraded EOS Crop Monitoring platform right away.

About EOS Data Analytics

EOS Data Analytics is an international company that provides cloud-based analytics applications and services derived from satellite and geospatial data. It partners with leading commercial satellite data providers and delivers information from Landsat, MODIS and Sentinel missions.

EOS Crop Monitoring uses AI-based algorithms and satellite data processing to provide an online solution for monitoring and analyzing farmland efficiency.

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