RevSpring Introduces eVoke(TM) Inbox, A Strategic Email Solution for ARM Organizations

LIVONIA, Mich., June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- RevSpring, a leading provider of consumer engagement and payment solutions, today announced eVoke(TM) Inbox, which includes advancements to its email document delivery capabilities, allowing accounts receivables management (ARM) organizations to confidently shift from print to digital delivery of documents to save costs. eVoke Inbox is a purpose-built solution that includes new enhanced deliverability services, design optimization, more choices on how documents are delivered, and a guarantee ensuring that clients only pay for what reaches the consumer's inbox.

In addition to enhanced deliverability, eVoke Inbox includes more options for document delivery, including password protected attachments, links, real-time email delivery from a CSR, and content within the body of the email. This is an important enhancement in light of a recent decision in the Northern District of California dismissing a putative class action case under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and allowing debt collectors to send validation notices by email without violating FDCPA, providing that letter is in the body of the email.

"While sending emails instead of print may sound simple, deliverability issues can stand in the way of success," said Cheryl Kananowicz, president of Financial Services for RevSpring. "Without the right expertise, emails may never get delivered to the proper inbox, thereby limiting desired results from the consumer. We are excited that the eVoke Inbox solution allows our clients to maximize their working dollars."

eVoke Inbox allows receivables management organizations to exploit the benefits of email engagement while taking appropriate steps to mitigate risks and remain compliant. When a client of RevSpring leveraged the capabilities of eVoke Inbox, they realized the following improvements:

    --  Gmail deliverability went from 20% delivered to 97% delivered
    --  Unique open rate jumped from 5% to 15%
    --  Unique click rate increased from under 1% to 8%

"When it comes to business communications, email is king," said Sean O'Brien, product manager for eVoke Inbox. "At RevSpring, we are obsessed with email deliverability. Our teams have created a product that enables high-deliverability rates so clients can realize the cost-savings and actionable benefits of email."

Beyond the considerable cost-savings--successful email delivery eliminates paper, print and postage costs--email offers a major convenience to consumers, allowing them to open your messages on a variety of digital devices. Once opened, consumers may be given the option of accessing a portal for making direct payments or accessing important documents.

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