ALPHALIVE Aims to Change the Industry with it's Next-Gen Trading Technology

ROSEAU, Dominica, June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- As financial markets remain highly unstable, the need of traders from all around the world for access to the best trading technology became crucial. ALPHALIVE Next-Gen trading technology is aimed directly into this need of placing optimal trades when volatility is high. This element comes as an answer to the substantive challenge, that in 2020 advanced trading technology with a series of necessary features is no more a privilege, but imperative.

Simple cutting-edge trading technology

Now, the quickest and most reliable trading tools are in the traders' direct control, thanks to the trading platform provided by ALPHALIVE. This industry-leading and powerful platform is designed to optimize trading speed and efficiency, enabling trading on any device, directly from a web browser, without any download required.

Building a platform from the ground up had enabled ALPHALIVE to integrate some of the best and useful trading tools that had proven to work for cryptocurrencies. The company is fully aware to the fact that cryptocurrency trading would not be possible without advanced charting, so the platform comes with integrated TradingView charts.

This ensures traders will have access to plenty of different chart types, technical indicators, drawing tools, and a great degree of chart customization. State-of-the-art technical analysis will never be possible without the finest charts and thankfully, the solution provided by ALPHALIVE qualifies.

Although this platform provides both, speed and performance, security had not been sacrificed. The company's concern for safe trading environment is the cause why the trading infrastructure is fortified with the latest and most advanced security measures in the industry, giving traders complete freedom to trade a broad selection of cryptocurrencies, while knowing their privacy and online security is always protected.

Additionally, the trading software comes with plenty of other features, allowing great control over the trading account. Traders can make deposits, place price alerts, see banking history, customize the platform, or chat with an Alphalive representative thanks to the live chat feature integrated into the web software. Customer support services are very important for the broker, the main reason why customers can contact the company via chat, phone, or email.

ALPHALIVE is fully committed to providing superior performance and user interface, fast order execution, professional customer support, and an optimized trading environment suited for the cryptocurrency market. Traders working with the broker will trade tokens like Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Litecoin, Tron, Stellar, IOTA, and many others, denominated in USDT, BTC, or ETH, a web-based platform that had proven to work in the best parameters even during volatile periods.


ALPHALIVE is an online trading services provider specialized in cryptocurrency trading. The website provides access to trading instruments based on cryptocurrencies only, covering a broad selection of large-cap tokens, as well as smaller altcoins. Traders working with ALPHALIVE will be able to trade cryptocurrency instruments with leverage and benefit from next-generation proprietary trading software.