Renowned Cybersecurity Leader & Security Expert Joins Advanced Intelligence LLC as Chairman

NEW YORK, June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Vitali Kremez, a leading malware expert, educator, and cybersecurity industry influencer, joins as the Chairman of Advanced Intelligence LLC, a New York City cyber intelligence boutique firm. Kremez is a former member of the New York County District Attorney's Office and a former leader of the anti-virus cybersecurity intelligence center. He aspires to use this first-hand government experience and private sector experience in order to advance AdvIntel's strategic growth and market expansion.

AdvIntel is a boutique business intelligence company, specializing in combating the most vivid and prolific cyber threats such as ransomware groups and botnet networks. The firm prioritizes exclusive advanced SIGINT techniques and places a heavy emphasis on technical analysis, reverse engineering, and malware updates. Kremez' skills as an elite reverse engineer with managerial and business skillset would help elevate all of the company operations to a new level.

However, the unmatched technical and business professionalism is not the only reason for the decision. According to AdvIntel's CEO, Yelisey Boguslaskiy the company is an ethically-oriented business that prevents ransomware attacks against non-profits, religious communities, colleges, public schools, and indigenous tribes institutions, and hence requires leaders who understand this essential ethical component.

"Our management consists entirely of fellow-refugees, people of color and other vulnerable groups" - commented Boguslavskiy, a refugee himself, struggling with severe vision impairment - "Kremez helped me in my struggles as a mentor and as a friend, never demonstrating arrogance. There is hardly anyone else in this industry who understands the importance of morals and social responsibility while being a true expert." Another AdvIntel employee, - the head of the firm's branding division, Justice Lapsley, who is African-American adds: "Vitali came to this country as a refugee, started from scratch, and devoted his talents to social justice at the County District Attorney's Office. He perfectly understands that security, including, cybersecurity is an essential component of a stable and healthy society."

Mr. Kremez will assume his official chairman's duties beginning of June 9, 2020. He stated: "I am excited to join the venture of Advanced Intelligence LLC as Chairman with my trusted friend and former colleague Yelisey Boguslavskiy. The company trajectory and unprecedented growth with law enforcement support establish the firm as the top intelligence leader in the world."

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