WAM Group Saves $1M and Maintains Business Continuity with Automation Anywhere's SaaS Platform

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) today announced that WAM Group, a leader in fractional real estate ownership, has selected the company's cloud-native and web-based Enterprise A2019 intelligent RPA platform with the goal of saving more than $1 million (US) and 40,000 work hours.

The Brazilian company was looking to reduce infrastructure costs and improve end-to-end business efficiencies by deploying software bots via the cloud. Its RPA strategy was designed to use bots to perform repetitive and manual operational tasks so that its employees could spend more time building quality relationships with customers.

Like many businesses worldwide, WAM Group was impacted by the sudden shift to remote business operations during COVID-19. After evaluating Automation Anywhere's Enterprise A2019, the company made the decision to change RPA platforms to sustain business continuity and productivity across its disparate workforce.

"Automation Anywhere offered the better platform and delivered RPA-as-a-Service seamlessly, while dramatically reducing the cost and infrastructure barriers to RPA," said Rogerio Mendes, CIO of WAM Group. "It also eliminated the friction we experienced with the previous platform to build and scale bots."

The company decided to name their first bot "Marvin," that was built on Enterprise 2019. They named the bot Marvin, to help humanize it. Marvin works 24 hours a day automating data entry. Previously, a business analyst spent more than six hours a day on the same manual, repetitive work that Marvin does now.

Marvin was deployed via the cloud to extract detailed data from WAM's nearly 40 offices and compile it for a 360 degree view of daily revenue run rates. The bot automatically sends an email with a consolidated report to their finance department - a process that almost immediately helped the company reduce its operational costs - and will save it an estimated $1 million U.S. dollars.

Deploying bots in the cloud was important to WAM Group because it did not want to use backup servers. Enterprise A2019 can be easily deployed on-premise or in any public, private or hybrid cloud, delivering RPA through any delivery channel anywhere in the world. The solution is also available in more than 14 languages, dramatically reducing cost and infrastructure barriers to RPA adoption.

Realizing the value and potential benefits of intelligent automation, WAM Group continues to scale its RPA program to allow it to provide digital offerings quickly amid the shift to remote work. The company has additional bots in production - "Bob," "Alice" and "Bill," that will be used to automate billing, finance, data entries and data gathering, from logging, updating, processing and validating data.

Over the next few years, the company expects to add 15 or more software bots across 10 integrated systems.

"We are seeing increased demand from customers that want to gain the inherent benefits of RPA, but who don't have the infrastructure for an on-premises platform," said Prince Kohli, CTO, Automation Anywhere. "With its reduced cost of ownership, near-infinite scalability and dramatically decreased time to value, we were able to provide WAM Group with an RPA solution and provision it from the cloud to see immediate results."

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