ACAT Global To Deploy Innovative Catalytic Converter Replacement With Potential For Cost Savings, Emissions Reduction And Increased Fuel Economy

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ACAT Global announced today that its catalytic converters have met and exceeded California Air Resource Board (CARB) Aftermarket Automotive standards for emissions reduction in harmful nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide -- one of the strictest emissions standards in the world.

This signals a revolution in an automotive industry long-handicapped by expensive but important catalytic converters that are required to meet emissions standards, but cost significantly more apiece. ACAT Global's catalytic converters are currently approved for universal and direct fit use for CARB Automotive Aftermarket applications as specified on Executive Order No. D-796 for passenger vehicles, light duty trucks and medium-duty vehicles. The company's product, costing roughly $400 to $1000, will lead to overall improvements in air quality and decreased petroleum demand and offer the end customer an excellent value solution versus the current market competition.

"ACAT Global consistently eclipses industry standards on emissions technology, designing our catalytic converters to be more affordable, efficient, and resourceful. As a result, we lead over competitors in meeting and exceeding CARB's stringent emissions standards for automotive aftermarket applications while also increasing mileage by 1.5 to 3.5 miles per gallon of gas," said Joe Moch, ACAT Global CEO.

ACAT Global's metallic herringbone technology is up to 19% more efficient in emissions reduction and offers up to three miles per gallon more in fuel economy than standard catalytic converters. The increased performance paired with a significantly lower per-unit price point means ACAT Global's catalytic converters are a universally accessible solution for car owners to make their vehicles cleaner and more fuel-efficient. More car owners and communities will be able to directly benefit from reduced pollution and better health outcomes linked to improved air quality as a result, while also potentially seeing long-term cost savings from decreased fuel consumption.

Magnifying the emissions reduction and fuel-efficiency benefits of ACAT Global's product across thousands of car owners will allow governments to more effectively meet climate and emissions-reduction goals. Our catalytic converters are compatible with internal combustion vehicles currently still dominating roads -- 95% of the vehicles in California -- and provide immediate, measurable emissions reduction. This affordable and efficient technology will grant governments a greater return on pollution reduction for a lower financial investment.

Our patented metallic herringbone technology enhances emissions reduction in a variety of internal combustion engine applications while also increasing fuel economy.

"This market-leading technology combined with OEM level catalyst wash-coat solutions offers customers an opportunity to use up to 20% less cubic volume of substrate, 25% less PGMs, reduce weight, decrease backpressure and significantly lower cost while meeting very similar engineering emissions targets and the same emissions standards," said Darrell Blackburn ACAT Global Chief Operating Officer.

ACAT Global will continue to work with CARB to meet its Emissions Standards while maximizing performance in its catalytic converters for approved universal and direct fit use to reduce pollutants from any internal combustion engine and improve overall air quality.

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ACAT Global utilizes patented state-of-the-art technology to manufacture leading emissions control solutions for even the world's most stringent emissions standards. Our products comply with emissions standards globally while maximizing performance. ACAT Global strives to create the most effective catalytic converter solution for any power source that creates emissions.

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