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WAVECOMM CORPORATION, is a Colombian company located in Bogota and specializing in solutions that combine the use of hardware, software, communications networks and geographic information systems for the development of end products that create value to customers and shareholders. WAVECOMM CORPORATION is equipped with a multidisciplinary group of professionals that provide the best technology for the control and optimization of daily tasks.

WAVECOMM CORPORATION’s products and services portfolio includes:

• Satellite Tracking Systems,
• Fleet Management Solutions,
• Mobile Applications,
• Satellite Navigation Systems,
• Inventory Tracking Systems,
• Telemetry/SCADA Products,
• Home Automation Systems,
• Hardware Development,
• Desktop Applications,
• Web Applications,
• Consulting Services in Telecommunications,
• Consulting Services in Logistics,
• Consulting Services in Road Safety.


Contact info #1

Liliana Chitiva
+57 1 758 5572
Administrative Manager
Av. K 45 # 108 -27 Tr II OF 606 Edificio Paralelo 108, Bogota, Colombia

Contact info #2

Fausto Cesar Parra Torres
+57 1 758 5572
Account Manager
Av. K 45 # 108 -27 Tr II OF 606 Edificio Paralelo 108, Bogota, Colombia

Hardware Development

Since 2001, WAVECOMM has designed and manufactured many products for the OEM's market. The Company is constantly developing innovative products with cutting edge technology thanks to its strategic partnership with the largest manufacturers of technology equipment in the world and the support of professionals with experience in research and development. WAVECOMM specializes in the development of products related to telecommunications and wireless communications. In addition to its extensive experience in this area, WAVECOMM has the technology and tools to support customers’ projects effectively and with the use of the best practices in the market assist them in maintaining the life cycle of their products. The services offered include: • Conceptualization, Design and Specifications, • Production Process Design, • Signal Processing, • Designs Based on FPGA/PLD microcontrollers, • IP Cores, • Prototyping, • Development of Protocol Stacks, • Embedded Systems Development and Application, • Reengineering for Cost Reduction, • Support & Maintenance Services, • Documentation.

Development of Desktop Applications

WAVECOMM offers its expertise in software development in order to turn customers’ ideas into reality in a very short time and at reasonable costs. The Company provides highly competitive professional services in areas related to the development of custom software, including aftersales services. WAVECOMM provides custom software solutions for different business areas including telecommunications, electronic commerce, inventory, B2B integrations, B2C integrations, business management systems and more.

Development of Web Applications

Since the early 90's, web browsing has become a mass phenomenon. Desktops, laptops, PDAs, mobile phones and even some home appliances are nowadays equipped with data communication platforms based on IP technology, thus making it possible for organizations to deliver products and services never before imagined to customers worldwide. WAVECOMM has extensive experience in developing internet applications that generate added value to clients’ organizations. Among the solutions offered are: • J2EE Applications, • PHP Applications, • .NET Applications, • Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, XML-RPC), • Java Applets/Java Servlets, • Java Server Pages (JSP), • Active Server Pages (ASP), • XML/XSL Technologies, • E-commerce & M-commerce, • CGI Programs, C, C++, PERL, PHP, TCL, Python Scripts and others.

Consulting Services in Telecommunications

The current telecommunications environment demands professionals focusing on the use of the best practices in order to ensure proper knowledge dissemination within their organization. WAVECOMM offers telecommunication consulting services, working especially with organizations who want to resolve issues related to connectivity. WAVECOMM can offer strategies that use the existing telecommunications technologies in order to improve productivity, control and operational efficiency.

Consulting Services in Logistics

The efficient and effective management of supply chains is considered critical for the success of most organizations. However, to operate within this framework generally requires redesigning and improving business processes so as to adapt to market changes. WAVECOMM has extensive experience in transportation system management, specializing in the implementation and improvement of logistical processes, as well as supply chain and value networks. Among the services offered are: • Supply Chain Management, • Storage Systems, • Production Logistics, • Transportation and Distribution Systems, • Inventory Management, • Outsourcing of Logistics Activities, • Diagnosis of Logistics, • Logistics Solutions using Information Technology, • Fleet Management and Administration, • Maintenance Management, • Training of Professional Drivers.

Consulting Services in Road Safety

For over 10 years, WAVECOMM CORPORATION has been developing technology tools that allow companies to monitor their vehicle fleet, the quality of their processes and, in general, important parameters to ensure the effectiveness of their operations. The consulting department for road safety is formed by a selected group of professionals, whose task is to support customers in the process of analysis, design and implementation of road safety programs, as well as a comprehensive training program for operators in areas related to road safety and defensive driving, active and passive safety and first aids, among other topics.

Satellite Tracking Systems

With the support of satellite tracking systems and data networks, WAVECOMM CORPORATION’s computers can calculate and report the geographical position of customers’ assets, namely vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, containers, aircraft, individuals, animals and generally any mobile object whose position should be known in real time. Depending on customers’ needs, the Company’s equipment can be programmed to perform specific control tasks at predefined time intervals.

Fleet Management Solutions

WAVECOMM CORPORATION specialises in the development of mobile applications that allow users to be connected anywhere at any time and help keep business operations synchronized. The Company designs and develops mobile applications that can be parameterized to meet customers’ needs with respect to: • Sales Force Automation, • Mobile Payment Systems, • Personal Security Systems, • Connectivity Tools, • Inventory Tracking, • Mobile Surveys, • SMS Based Applications, • Development of Mobile Multimedia, • Connectivity to IP Video Cameras, • Satellite Location.

Mobile Applications

Cellular communications have rapidly become part of our daily lives thanks to the great benefits they brings us both as individuals and as members of a workgroup. These benefits have been acknowledged and exploited for the development of hardware and software solutions that enhance user experiences by connecting them with the information they need anywhere they are and with the convenience of a completely portable equipment. With corporate clients in mind, WaveComm Corporation has designed solutions that use mobile equipment to keep companies’ operations synchronized anytime and anywhere. These products support: • Sales Force Automation, • Field Work, • Mobile Application Development.

Satellite Navigation Systems

Mass production of wireless communication equipment and satellite tracking devices has greatly reduced development costs. WAVECOMM CORPORATION is able to offer advanced navigation solutions to corporate and non-corporate customers in search for points of interest.

Inventory Tracking Systems

The prompt response to customers’ requirements is crucial for supply chain companies. To this end, specific tools are required in order to monitor the status of inventories in a simple and economical manner. WAVECOMM CORPORATION’s inventory visibility and traceability applications can be easily integrated to customers’ existing systems. WAVECOMM CORPORATION has tools for electronic asset tracking, such as: • Dallas iButton, • EPC Gen2.

Telemetry/SCADA Products

One of the greatest assets of an organization is the knowledge of their activities in detail; thus the full knowledge and control of production processes create a real competitive advantage for companies. WAVECOMM CORPORATION developed a complete system for capturing and wirelessly communicating data related to the production processes from anywhere in the world enabling customers to control their business activities. WAVECOMM offers a variety of sensors, transmission devices and processing software depending on clients’ needs and budgets. Among the solutions offered are: • Temperature Sensors, • Humidity Sensors, • Distance Sensors, • Volumetric Sensors, • Weight Sensors, • Pressure Sensors.

Home Automation Systems

WAVECOMM CORPORATION offers advanced automation and control systems for the residential and business sectors, which make use of the latest technologies in wireless communications. Making use of data transmission networks, the Company’s systems provide real-time information on the status of the customer’s property through phone calls, text messages, emails, audio and video messages. Among the solutions offered are: • Security Systems, • CCTV Systems, • Home Automation Systems, • Access Control Systems.

Wavecomm Corporation

  • Av. K 45 # 108 27 Tr II OF 606 Edificio Paralelo 108, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 758 5572
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