GeneStore Launches Affordable 'Made in France' COVID-19 RT PCR Test Kit at EUR 9.9 That Delivers Results in 1 hour

GEMENOS, France, June 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- GeneStore France SAS, a biotech company, headquartered in Gemenos, France, received approval from CNR France of its Detection Expert SARS-Cov-2 RT-PCR Test for detection of Covid-19 virus.

"The test enables laboratories in going from purified RNA to results in 1 hours time," said Anubhav Anusha, Global CEO of GeneStore.

"In line with our global mission to fight infectious diseases by enabling affordable testing, GeneStore is commercialising the test kit at a highly affordable price of EUR 9,9, and can manufacture 1 million test kits per month at its France based manufacturing facility," added Anubhav.

About the Detection Expert 1S SARS-Cov-2 RT PCR one step kit:

    --  The test identifies 2 target regions within the 'N' gene of the
        SARS-Cov2 RNA genome in a multiplex format, along with a separate
        reaction for the internal control.
    --  A positive control formed with non-pathogen fragments of SARS-Cov2 viral
        genome is also provided.
    --  PCR cycling is fast (just 60-68 minutes).
    --  It is compatible with most real-time PCR machines with at least
        2-channels for signal detection.
    --  The kit is sensitive, detecting low virus loads in the upper respiratory
        tract biosamples.
    --  Clinical validation of its performances were performed across multiple
        centers in France, Spain, and India with success.

About GeneStore France:

GeneStore France is part of the International GeneStore Global consortium composed of ISO13485 / ISO15189 facilities across the world, which has screened genomes of over half a million individuals globally. GeneStore also develops and delivers custom A.I. enabled genomics and proteomics based solutions to institutional clients across the pharmaceutical, healthcare and dermocosmetic industries. The company has committed itself to the task of developing and delivering cost-effective molecular diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases at a global scale.

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