Axiom Prepaid Holdings Says Multi-Currency Feature is Essential for its White Label Programs in Europe

BUDAPEST, Hungary, June 11, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Twenty-five currencies are used in the 50 countries that comprise Europe. That fact was not lost on the execs at Axiom Prepaid Holdings when it introduced its digitally driven prepaid card programs for individuals and businesses there last year. They knew that one of the predominant card features had to be the ability to store multiple currencies. That was particularly important for its business clients' White Label programs.

Axiom is a global provider of digitally-driven end-to-end payment solutions powered in large part by prepaid cards programs. Its white label prepaid card programs allow businesses to have their name and logo on a prepaid Mastercard® app - with physical card and desktop access also available. The company entered the European market in 2019 to help fill the void in access to prepaid cards, especially for millennials, Gen X and the unbanked. Soon however, it became clear that businesses were interested in adopting prepaid card programs to support brand-building and revenue generation. With both audiences, the ability to load multiple currencies to the prepaid card was deemed essential.

"We attribute our significant growth in Europe to our willingness to listen to customers and adapt our services and products according to feedback and to meet specific need. The multi-currency feature was not part of our original card program features there but we soon realized it was a particularly important option for this unique geography - especially for businesses," said Steven Foster, CEO, Axiom Prepaid Holdings.

Axiom's White Label prepaid cards feature the client's name and logo and are accepted worldwide via iOS and Android app or physical card and can store up to eight currencies, including Euros as well as British pounds, Swiss Franc. Polish zloty and others. The cards are programmed to automatically recognize and use the local currency and exchange rate for those stored on the card at ATMs or with merchants; at a savings of up to 95 percent off local banks' foreign exchange rates.

Axiom works with clients on the fee structure, fund distribution channel and card features - and then administers and manages the program on their behalf. The cards are used by clients to pay commissions and distribute compensation to affiliates, customers and agents, and offer an alternative to traditional corporate payroll programs and investment advisory services. The White Label programs utilize sophisticated digital platforms that comprise administrative portals, API connections and secure encryption for sign-ups, KYC, sponsor banks, call centers and fulfillment centers for all of its products and services.

"As adoption of prepaid card programs continues to explode in Europe and around the world, we will pay close attention to features like multi-currency storage, that support the economic freedoms of individuals and businesses via digital payment tools," added Foster.

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As a leading provider of digital payment solutions in Europe, Axiom Prepaid Holdings was started with one goal in mind: To make financial services easier - for everyone. Through the power of digitally-driven end-to-end payment solutions, the company provides prepaid card options for the unbanked and underserved; and white label programs to companies that want to showcase their brands while offering customers and employees alternatives to traditional money management. Today, Axiom has nine offices and conducts business in 20 countries. Every day, the Axiom team is hard at work providing turnkey solutions that help cardholders gain economic freedoms and help businesses achieve success. To learn more about Axiom Prepaid Holdings, please visit:

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