Trucept Inc. Updates Sales Force; Bonar Joins Board of Directors

SAN DIEGO, June 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Trucept Inc. (OTC-PINK: TREP) announced that it is sharpening its sales focus and has added an expert in that arena to its Board of Directors.

Colin Niven Bonar serves as Executive Vice President at Alt Marketing Group (ALT MKT), a company founded in 2013 to deliver business solutions from leading Professional Employer Organizations tailored to the needs of ALT MKT's clients. Bonar has more than 20 years of experience in the staffing and PEO industry along with considerable experience in sales and administration of publicly traded and privately held companies.

Before founding ALT MKT, Bonar served most recently as COO and formerly as VP of Strategic Partnerships for Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc. where he increased sales significantly by developing and managing healthy strategic partnerships. Prior to his roles at Allegiant, Bonar acted as Vice President of Sales for prominent nationwide staffing company.

Before entering the staffing and PEO sector, Bonar founded and operated Sunburn Recordings, an independent music record label, artist management group, and music publishing company. The collective business concept focused on artist incubation, artist brand development, and management of music and publishing rights within the entertainment and advertising industries.

A native of Scotland, Bonar has unique European connections that have provided partnership opportunities in the various leadership roles he's held throughout his career.

Bonar believes that focus and vision shape successful business models and has always focused on using creativity to deliver best-in-show products and services, whether for his own business or businesses he's led. In Bonar's own words, "Applying vision as well as imagination and integrity throughout my career has afforded me the opportunity to help my clients grow."

Trucept's professional services help businesses navigate growth. The company's professional services now encompass the following:

    --  Marketing, technology and accessibility act compliance services
    --  Insurance offerings and third-party administrator (TPA) services
    --  Payroll
    --  Tax administration
    --  Human resources and management
    --  Employee benefits administration
    --  Accounting support
    --  Safety and risk management

Marketing and Technology Services - Businesses navigating the Q1-Q2 lockdown are shifting focus to an increased online presence; this requires effective marketing messaging and a path to increasing legally-compliant electronic commerce.

Trucept Inc. now offers engineering and technology services to meet Accessibility Standards including W3C and other country-specific regulations such as the American Disabilities Act (ADA), British Standard 8878 (BS 8878), and the Canadian Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). These technology services make websites, mobile applications, and electronic documents easily accessible for those with auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech, or visual disabilities.

Insurance and Third-Party Administrator (TPA) Services - High risk businesses that are seeking to lower worker's compensation insurance premiums are a focus for Trucept Inc. In Q1 of 2020, the acquisition of UWS Insurance provided Trucept Inc. with licensed broker insurance services to a broader set of market segments currently in 25 states. Trucept Inc. is focused on expanding its licensed broker insurance services in all 50 states.

Payroll - Employees must be paid correctly and on time to comply with Federal and State employment laws. Maintaining internal staff to address these requirements comes at a cost. Trucept Inc.'s payroll services eliminate virtually all unnecessary overhead while complying with employment tax laws.

Human Resources and Management - The current uncertain business climate is affecting the global workforce with a shift from in-person operations to remote operations and lockdown business environments. The amount of stress on a remote workforce can place additional burden on a company's human resources department.

Operating with less risk and liability enables businesses to navigate market changes with efficiency. Quality HR administration, employee relation and retention services, and compliance provides time saving and peace of mind to businesses and their employees.

Employee Benefits and Administration - Employees are a primary asset in a business. Yet with the disruption experienced in Q1-Q2 of 2020, business owners are forced to evaluate all areas of cost savings to remain in business and ensure business continuity. It is possible to maintain or expand employee benefits during these turbulent economic times to foster employee retention and increased productivity. Customizing employee benefits packages by Trucept Inc., meets financial and business objectives while giving employees access to better benefits including health, dental, life insurance, and more.

Accounting Support - Businesses looking to grow in the current economic climate require time to navigate market trends. Accounting is a time-consuming process at the heart of every business. Accounting requires regular bookkeeping of accounts receivable and payable, bank and book balance record keeping, statement reconciliation, proof for audits, and more. Trucept Inc.'s services include expert guidance for all aspects of financial accounting and allow businesses to be proactive versus reactive where it matters most: the bottom line.

Safety and Risk Management - Workplace injuries occur. Preparing a business for the legal requirements of workplace injuries requires a proactive approach to safety and risk management. Trucept Inc.'s safety and risk management services save the cost of lost time and lost productivity when workplace injuries occur.

Speaking on the updated service offerings, Norman Tipton, CEO of Trucept Inc. states, "The goal of Trucept Inc. is providing our clients with innovative cost savings, reliable services, and expert guidance for business continuity. From our Board of Directors to our division leadership, Trucept Inc. is composed of industry experts in every area that we service. This added benefit to our clients adds value, provides peace of mind, and enables proactive growth that is needed especially in this uncertain business climate."

About Trucept Inc.

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