ProTom International Welcomes the South Australian Government's Announcement of the Commencement of Work on the Australian Bragg Centre

WAKEFIELD, Mass., June 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ProTom International announces that it will install its Radiance 330(®) Proton Therapy System at the new Australian Bragg Centre, Adelaide, Australia. This center will be the first clinically dedicated proton therapy center in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere, expecting to start operation in 2024.

This installation will include two gantries, one fixed beam line and a research port. The Bragg Centre will operate as a clinic as well as a research facility.

The Australian Bragg Centre is a purpose-built facility to be established within the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute ("SAHMRI") in Adelaide, South Australia. Work has commenced on the center, to be located within a new 15 story building ("SAHMRI 2") in the Adelaide Bio Med City - alongside the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, SAHMRI's existing building, the University of Adelaide, and the University of South Australia.

Professor Steve Wesselingh, Executive Director at SAHMRI commented: "The Australian Bragg Centre will be an extension of the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute. SAHMRI is proud and humbled to be involved in this partnership that will be transformative. The Australian Bragg Centre will figuratively and literally be built on the emerging technology of proton therapy."

Stephen Spotts, Chief Executive Officer of ProTom commented: "The Radiance 330 will revolutionize cancer treatment not only in South Australia, or even Australia, but across the Asia-Pacific region. Once the Bragg Centre is open and operational, cancer patients will be referred there to take advantage of the advanced proton therapy the device offers. Our device operates with great precision, greater power and variability, energy efficiency, flexibility and affordability than other cancer treatment devices."

The opening of the Australian Bragg Centre will bring "life-changing cancer therapy" and "a toxicity reducing treatment modality, especially in kids" to Australian citizens, according to Dr. Jay Loeffler, Chief of Radiation Oncology at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Loeffler also commented: "We look forward to working with the clinical team there, as part of the proton therapy community, and as members of the Radiance 330 user group, collaborating in the advancement of proton tomography and radiography."

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