R3 Stem Cell International Now Offering Program for Stroke in Mexico

SAN DIEGO, June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- R3 Stem Cell International is now offering a new program for stroke patients at its Mexico clinic. The stroke treatment includes upwards of 200 million stem cells and starts at only $8975.

When it comes to stroke therapy, traditional options typically fall short for significant recovery and entail potential risks. When it comes to regenerative therapies, R3 International has had excellent success with stem cell treatment for stroke patients at its Tijuana clinic.

Depending on the patient's stroke history, treatment will include between 90 million and 200 million stem cells in either a 5 day stay, or with four visits over a year. Initially, patients have a free phone consultation with R3's licensed and experienced stem cell doctor.

Options for stem cell therapy for stroke in Mexico include either IV therapy, intrathecal, or both. If a patient desires simply a one time treatment, that option is available for just $2975 for 30 million stem cells or $3975 for 50 million cells.

According to R3 CEO David Greene, MD, MBA, "Treatments at our Mexico Center are not only clinically effective, but very cost effective. Similar treatments in the US or Panama would cost two to four times as much!"

The umbilical cord stem cell biologics used at R3's Mexico clinic are obtained from consenting donors after a scheduled c-section, with no harm to baby or mother. The quality assurance standards at the lab exceed those of the FDA in the US, with safety being of utmost importance.

Once the free phone consultation is completed with R3 International, the patient concierge representative will assist with all travel logistics. The representative will also provide escorted transportation from San Diego to the clinic, which only takes twenty minutes.

Simply call (888) 988-0515 for scheduling and visit https://stemcelltreatmentclinic.com for more information.

SOURCE R3 Stem Cell International