Safentri launches a comprehensive return-to-workplace solution for safe facility entry and crowd management

ATLANTA, June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Covid-19 has challenged employers and facility operators to bring their workers, vendors, and customers back to their facilities safely, while ensuring their security and privacy. A group of veterans of HR technology, software development and law came together to create Safentri to solve for this challenge.

Safentri allows organizations to create responsible return-to-work (or play) policies and manage liability and compliance more effectively. The solution's inherent flexibility and universally accessible platform can be applied by employers as part of a return-to-workplace strategy, by healthcare, government offices, and others to manage employees, visitors and vendors. Safentri can be used by sports leagues, education and faith organizations to help foster a safe environment.

"A few weeks into the Covid-related shutdown, we began to think about how businesses would approach a return-to-workplace strategy. We quickly realized that it was the perfect application for ONEplatform, ONEtechnology's No-code Application Platform as a Service. In under 7 weeks our team built a robust and customizable platform. We believe that Safentri's comprehensive process and protocols are superior to any solution in the market today," said Kevin Austin, Co-Founder at Safentri.

The Safentri platform is a progressive web app (PWA), making it universally accessible by any device and any OS. No downloads or updates required - ever. The durable API framework provides a broad range of import/export options, such as connecting to third-party testing processes and existing security architecture. The AWS hosted environment is scalable and secure (data is fully encrypted in transit & at rest), and the no-code ONEplatform allows Safentri to adapt quickly as conditions change.

"We quickly learned that a primary concern for a return-to-work solution was the legal and compliance uncertainty," says Co-Founder David Essary. "The team's experience in the HR, healthcare and insurance sectors enabled us to add one of the country's premier labor and employment law firms, Hall Booth Smith to the partnership, providing legal expertise to navigate an evolving compliance landscape."

The Safentri solution incorporates key compliance standards, including HIPAA, OSHA/EEOC, DOL & ADA, and adheres to guidance from the CDC. System administrators have broad flexibility to customize the health validation criteria they require in their specific environment.

The easy-to-use app quickly validates a person's health status and compliance to facility requirements for entry, generates entry credentials, including digital or print entry badges, and provides a complete digital chain of custody record of all documents and interactions to protect the proprietor in the event of legal action.

One healthcare company CEO summed it up this way: "We need to protect our workforce as they transition back to work, but we must do it carefully to protect the company from legal liability. Safentri is easy to use, and the suite of services is very comprehensive to serve our needs. The connection to industry-leading legal resources was also a significant plus."

Essary concludes, "What started as a return-to-work assessment app for employers has expanded to allow us to quickly respond to the market with additional capabilities, such as vendor/visitor management, ongoing safety training, facilitation of COVID-19 testing, and access to personal protective equipment (PPE). We are engaging with organizations from various industries."

About Safentri
Formed in 2020, Safentri - powered by ONEtechnology, is a Georgia-based team of professionals from the technology, HR, insurance, legal and healthcare space who have come together to apply our experience to create an end-to-end return-to-work solution.

About ONEtechnology
An Atlanta-based team of successful technology entrepreneurs have authored ONEplatform, a full-featured, high-control, visual declarative application designer & renderer used to build progressive web applications (PWA's) with pixel perfect UI/UX. The no-code, collaborative, browser-based platform enables the rapid creation and delivery of hyper-responsive apps that accelerate performance with payloads 30-50% lighter than traditional web apps. ONEplatform's powerful workflow and orchestration capabilities are on par with sophisticated BPM solutions - without writing any code. ONEplatform's open, scalable internet technologies enable the development of enterprise-grade web applications in hours what would otherwise take weeks or months using traditional development tools.

About Hall Booth Smith
Established in 1989, Hall Booth Smith, P.C. (HBS) is a full-service law firm with offices in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, and Tennessee. Experienced across a wide range of legal disciplines, HBS prides itself on providing knowledgeable, proactive, client-specific counsel to individuals, domestic and international corporations, state and federal agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Included within our regulatory and specialty practice area are labor and employment, healthcare and government affairs.

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