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TULAMASHZAVOD Production Association is one of the largest Russian holdings comprising a mother company named TULAMASHZAVOD Joint-Stock Company and twenty daughter companies, all of them equally oriented to output of both defence and civil products.

TULAMASHZAVOD is well known in Russia and many countries of the world as a longstanding producer of defence systems. The enterprise has mastered production of quite a number of guns of 23 and 30 mm calibre adopted to armoured vehicles, aircrafts, helicopters, air-defence systems; TULAMASHZAVOD’s naval gun systems can be integrated into fire power of various types of ships, among such systems are 23- and 30-mm calibre gun mounts 2M-3M, AK-230, AK-306, AK-630M, AK-630M-2 and unique antiaircraft missile-gun systems KASHTAN and PALMA.

The company’s guns are installed on infantry combat vehicles BMP-2 and BMP-3, BMP-3K, armoured personnel carriers BTR-80A, BTR-82A and BTR-90, airborne assault vehicles BMD-2, BMD-3 and BMD-4, tank assistance combat vehicle BMPT, TUNGUSKA self-propelled air-defence system. Many modern helicopters (such as Mi-28N, Кa-50 BLACK SHARK, Кa-52 ALLIGATOR) and aircrafts (fighter-bombers MiG-27 and MiG-27К) are equipped with 30-mm guns manufactured by TULAMASHZAVOD.

Traditional field of production is shipborne armament such as 30-mm AK-306, AK-630M gun mounts as well as the unique KASHTAN close-in weapon system.

For a quarter of a century TULAMASHZAVOD has been manufacturing a series of 3UBK10 high-precision antitank rounds guided by laser beam.

TULAMASHZAVOD is one of the leading engineering enterprises in Russia. It has production facilities with modern equipment and advanced technologies. They embrace blank production (including foundry and forging), machining, cold stamping, laser processing, welding, plastics and rubber productions, electroplating and heat treatment, tool production, woodworking, machine-assembly production of high-precision work items, assembly and trials and many others.

Used along with multi-purpose equipment are automatic and semiautomatic devices, machining centres and CNC machines, which provide dialog mode of programming to ensure high technological production flexibility. In order to reduce the time for preproduction, the automated design of products and tooling is employed to cover processes from design to development of control soft for CNC machines.

TULAMASHZAVOD PA Quality Management System is certified in compliance with requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008. It involves all subdivisions, starting from new product design stage up to shipment.

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TULAMASHZAVOD Production Association

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