ComplyWorks Innovates to Strengthen Global Supply Chains

CALGARY, Canada, June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ComplyWorks?Ltd. - a leader in?compliance management solutions, has expanded its platform to enable its customers to manage risk across their entire supply chain of third-party providers, including suppliers; vendors; contractors; and any other service or material providers.

"Despite the many software solutions available in the market today, many companies are unable to easily mitigate and control risks associated with hiring material suppliers," said Cal Fairbanks, President and CEO of ComplyWorks. "With strains being felt on supply chains everywhere, many organizations are now aware of the risks they need to address, so they can provide reliable products and services."

ComplyWorks offers one of the most flexible solutions in the market today, providing clients with a hassle-free way to manage some of the most complex business areas including health, safety and environment (HSE); sustainability; corporate social responsibility (CSR); quality management; risk management; and purchasing and finance. Mitigating risks in these areas is essential for businesses to avoid facing severe operational delays, financial impacts, fines and even reputation damage.

"Proactively managing risk through an integrated platform like ComplyWorks is necessary for organizations to avoid impacts to their business. Our solutions create an integrated platform, that helps clients make data-driven decisions to minimize risks. It also helps clients by creating compliance profiles, providing them with the ability to predict and prevent incidents - in a platform that can be utilized from the office to the most remote field locations."

Compliance profiles are an underlying methodology ComplyWorks uses for improved compliance management. The profiles help organizations and suppliers alike better understand their compliance compared to industry benchmarks and regulations, providing valuable and actionable insights on risk exposure.

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ComplyWorks?is a global leader in compliance management across many industries including oil and gas, telecommunications, construction, property management, aerospace and many others. Since its inception in 2004, the company has expanded its reach to over?120?countries?while retaining its focus on its clients. ComplyWorks' web-based solutions scale to meet each client's unique needs and cover the entire compliance lifecycle from supplier management to workforce management, worksite management and payment.

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