Charlotte-Based Medtech Company Finds Opportunity in 2020 Industry Trends

CHARLOTTE, N.C., June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- As technological innovations continue to transform the way business is conducted in every industry, fields associated with healthcare are experiencing advancements like no other. With the 2020 year in full-swing, a new decade of opportunity and technological advancements arises, specifically in aesthetic medicine and medical technology.

As the year progresses, various treatments offered in the medical aesthetics industry have sparked the attention of individuals worldwide, specifically placing a focus on non-surgical treatment solutions. Because non-surgical options offer a shorter procedure and recovery time while delivering effective results, the non-surgical trend will continue to gain popularity and demand will continue to rise as time progresses.

Put simply, non-surgical treatments are those which do not involve surgery or deep incisions to the body. In aesthetic medicine, this spans a range of options, including: skin tightening and excess fat removal treatments that utilize radio frequency, HIFEM energy treatments, various forms of non-surgical liposuction and more.

Due to the increased focus on non-surgical treatments in the industry, MedShift, a Charlotte-based medical technology company, has found opportunity in the trend. MedShift is known for its range of aesthetic medical devices and technologies, most of which offer non-surgical treatments. MedShift's current portfolio contains over 24 leading devices, including: Emsculpt, Virtue RF and Ultherapy®. Emsculpt utilizes electromagnetic waves to produce visible skin tightening results, while Ultherapy® aids in the elimination of wrinkles through utilizing ultrasound. The Virtue utilized microneedles charged with radio frequency energy to tighten skin. These treatment options are incredibly popular with those who desire a treatment that does not require an extensive recovery.

Brian Phillips, co-founder and CEO of MedShift, believes that non-surgical treatments are an opportunity for the company to continue its success in the medical technology and medical aesthetics industries. "As an innovative company focused on aesthetic medical devices and technologies, MedShift is and will continue to experience success through our non-surgical offerings. There is a reason why many individuals are demanding non-surgical solutions, and MedShift is working to deliver our unique technologies and device offerings to practices in over 160 countries across the globe," said Phillips.

As for the future, MedShift plans to continue providing devices that offer non-surgical treatments to its customers, as well as aiming to broaden its portfolio to include new devices as partnerships are formed. The company is also working to continuously improve its unique technologies, including MedShift IoT and MedBox eCommerce and subscription platforms, in order to deliver cost-effective, fully customizable, value generating solutions to its diverse customers.

About MedShift -
MedShift, founded in 2015 in Charlotte, NC delivers a platform as a service to both medical device manufacturers as well as individual medical practices. Foundationally MedShift enables access to the latest devices and technology to remain competitive and attract new business. MedShift has partnered with over 250 providers in North America, Australia, and New Zealand to give practices the latest in cutting-edge treatment modalities, services, and systems.
MedShift is disrupting the traditional aesthetic device market by offering permanent placement, holistic subscription services for surgeons, physicians and their business. MedShift's broad portfolio of services for practices includes a portfolio of 24 leading aesthetic medical devices from nine manufacturers, an aesthetic eCommerce and subscription platform, in-house communications and marketing services, and inbound lead generation. For manufacturers Medshift delivers a highly secure IoT platform consisting of both hardware and software assets allowing for real time visibility, remote management, and big data modeling of entire medical device lineups. MedShift adds value across the manufacturer and provider spectrum and continues to empower robust integration with the leading brands and doctors in the industry.