BBT Announces Management Buyout From Beeper

TEL AVIV, Israel, June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Be Broadband Technologies ( Ltd., today announced their completion of a management buyout (MBO), becoming a majority employee-owned company together with a group of investors led by Moshe Levinson, former executive VP at Beeper Communications.

This completes last year's spinoff by Beeper Communications Israel of its software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technologies and operations to BBT, which will advance wireless SD-WAN technology to the next generation, reimagining the Wireless WAN World to comply with the needs of diverse market segments, while providing cybersecurity on the move. is entering the market as provider of today's most advanced SD-WAN wireless technology solutions, which it develops, designs, engineers and manufactures. Its unique solutions, already serving a significant customer base in the wireless SD-WAN platform and edge networking markets, are based on its proven technology, recognized by the Israel Innovation Center Authority (the Office of the Chief Scientist), and by the BIRD Foundation (Binational Industrial Research & Development), under a bilateral partnership between Israel and the US Department of Homeland Security.

Moshe Levinson, President, CEO and a co-owner, conceived of the idea behind few years ago. "The acquisition is deeply satisfying for the employees as well as for the market," he said, "and will allow us to attract and keep top talent in the field."

One of the features of's commercial wireless SD-WAN platform is that it acts as a bonded cellular multi-channel with almost any wired or wireless channels over public infrastructure. This enables it to provide a range of solutions to create secured private networks over public infrastructures, such as Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) applications, Smart City wireless connectivity, Safe City (Live Streaming), remote video streaming, and broadcasting, and any other wired or wireless connectivity. A technology leader in wireless SD-WAN and IP-based live video, solutions are in operation among high profile users, such as Cellcom, leading Israeli cellular company, providing it with significant improvement in network capacity over any public infrastructure.'s solution flexibility enables it to work with any network technology from cellular, satellite, or microwave, to Wi-Fi and Ethernet IP, to deliver multi-WAN to LAN secured network connectivity and live streaming HD video, from just about any location. And it provides for management of a secured and highly scalable multi-tenant, multi-VPN Cloud network with Zero Trust security.

Based on the current status of its offering - a proven, commercially deployed technology with zero risk for development and market validation - is focusing on the multi-billion-dollar niche market, with a service model based on its technology to offer a recurring revenue stream for data and Cloud services. is unique in the market as a facilitator of anywhere-to-everywhere, secured wireless connectivity over public infrastructures. serves any size customer including news broadcasting, web streaming, law enforcement, healthcare, public safety, military applications, etc. Its customers include Tel Aviv Municipality, Cellcom, and Israel Home Front Command.

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