Revel Systems Rapidly Delivers New Features In Response to Needs Created by COVID-19

ATLANTA, June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Revel Systems, a cloud-based point of sale (POS) and complete business management platform, today announced new product offerings and rolling feature updates designed to specifically address many of the challenges introduced by COVID-19, including new requirements, regulations and changed customer expectations. In response to the tremendous impact of the ongoing pandemic on restaurants and retailers, Revel continues to fast-track solutions for its clients to help them survive, and hopefully thrive, in the new normal. These solutions include powerful features across the ordering experience, pickup and delivery, customer marketing, and the remote monitoring of devices.

Even before the pandemic hit, restaurants were already undergoing a transformation due to new consumer expectations, including online ordering, which increased 23 percent annually from 2013 to 2018¹. Recently, MasterCard reported a 40 percent jump in contactless payments as shoppers look to avoid germs associated with cash and physical credit cards². As a cloud-based platform, Revel is able to accommodate rapid change and remote technology updates. This helps merchants meet new requirements for health and safety, enable contactless payments, and provide more seamless online ordering and delivery capabilities.

"The restaurants and retailers we serve are working to better understand what the world is going to look and function like on a daily basis moving forward, and they are searching for the tools to help them adapt to these new conditions," said Chris Lybeer, Chief Strategy Officer, Revel Systems. "We are seeing many rush to update their POS systems to help process off-premise orders. Revel quickly shifted our research and development spend in March to double down on improving capabilities in our POS platform to assist merchants in optimizing order pickup, curbside practices, delivery and contactless payments. Over 20 new features are now available in an update release, and more will be announced throughout the summer."

Online Ordering
By reducing friction between merchants and customers during the order process, restaurants can better meet expectations for customers throughout the experience. New features and functionalities include direct messaging to consumers and the ability for merchants to customize messages on their online ordering site. This helps businesses communicate critical information such as listing modified hours, instructions for curbside pickup and delivery, and more. In addition, merchants can actively control wait times and set expectations for order completion times, allowing them to proactively manage estimated pickup and delivery windows from the POS.

Order Pickup
Facilitating the handoff of orders between merchants and customers, Revel's new Order Ready customer-facing screen allows merchants to differentiate between third-party pick-ups and to-go takeout orders. Order types can be color-coded to clearly match ordering channels including to-go, curbside, delivery, and more.

Revel has also completed an integration with Twilio SMS, which enables merchants to send SMS notifications when an order is marked as "done" on the kitchen display system (KDS). These new SMS notifications allow for contactless communication, as there's no need for customers to be in-store to receive updates on their order status.

Focused on improving merchants' ability to provide efficient deliveries and creating a positive customer experience, Revel offers solutions for operators to effectively manage their own delivery operation as well as optimize the experience with third-party delivery providers.

Revel clients managing their own delivery fleet can now provide customers with the ability to request no-contact deliveries. Further updates to delivery features include pass-through service fees, allowing merchants to easily manage third-party charges incurred from online ordering and delivery aggregators. Merchants using Revel's delivery management module can now mark drivers as "assigned" and "en route," eliminating delays that occur when a driver returns to pick up new orders.

Customer Marketing
Revel now enables merchants to offer new options for the digital purchase and redemption of gift cards including a buy now, pay later contactless revenue-generating option. Merchants using third-party gift integrations through FreedomPay, Worldpay StoreCard or Givex will be able to support enhanced gift card options for consumers. Options include the ability to purchase, reload, check balance and/or email gift cards to others.

Remote Device Monitoring
Revel Guard XT provides the ability to remotely monitor app versions on all POS devices, including iPads, printers, and payment terminals. By receiving proactive alerts, merchants can stay ahead of maintenance costs and schedule and coordinate Revel app and iOS updates, as well as resolve common issues with a single click. Revel Guard XT supports heightened security measures and control with the ability to remotely lock iPad access to a single app and restrict website activities to business-relevant sites. This product is especially efficient for chains, and helps all merchants keep up with an increased frequency of changes to technology in response to the ongoing pandemic developments and general consumer needs.

About Revel Systems
Revel Systems powers the ambitions of restaurants and retailers with a robust cloud-based point of sale (POS) and business management system. The Revel Essentials(TM) solution, which has been deployed at thousands of customer locations, is designed for the needs of small chains or single sites. The Revel Enterprise® solution is tailored for large chains and leads the industry with a broad footprint of national, big brand customer implementations. Improving day-to-day operations and fueling merchant growth, Revel's streamlined ecosystem helps customers seize their future by pairing an intuitive POS with powerful management tools on a single platform. Founded in 2010 with major offices in Atlanta, Lithuania, and San Francisco, Revel is a leading member of the Apple Enterprise Mobility Program. For more information, please visit or call (415) 744-1433.

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