ironSource Aura Launches Aura Care - On-Device Protection Plan Service for Carriers

SAN FRANCISCO, June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- ironSource Aura, leading engagement platform for carriers and mobile OEMs, today announced Aura Care, the latest product empowering carriers to create added value and a richer device experience for customers. Aura Care broadens the way device protection plans are accessed, purchased and delivered to phone owners, allowing them to easily purchase and activate these plans directly from their device, and pay with their monthly phone bill. In addition, the solution offers a more native channel for carriers to offer an optimized device protection plan to their customers in a smart way. Aura Care initially launched on two leading carriers in the US and Europe with impressive success converting, on average, more than 10% of customers who initially passed on purchasing device protection in store.

Currently, in mature global markets, more than 50% of new device owners walk out of a store without phone protection, leaving it to a customer service representative, email marketing campaign or SMS to onboard the user. Aura Care enables carriers to connect to their existing provider's solution, or to multiple protection plan providers if desired, and offer them to customers in a more seamless, intuitive way. When a new user turns on their phone for the first time, the Aura Care onboarding flow, customized to reflect the look and feel of the carrier and optimized for the customer, launches and offers a suitable protection plan tailored to the device type.

"Everything about ironSource Aura is designed to build additional touchpoints and channels of communication between a carrier and their customers," said Adam Chakir, VP Business Development and Partnerships, ironSource. "Aura Care fits perfectly within that - it creates an additional opportunity for carriers to make their customers' lives easier and ultimately safer, and enables them to increase brand loyalty and differentiation with their customers. For the phone owner, they're able to buy a protection plan at a time that feels natural and in a streamlined, seamless way. It's a win-win for everyone."

For mobile carriers, the solution can help drive increased incremental revenue from their protection plan service line, as well as allow them to re-engage with customers after the point of purchase in a way that adds value and drives brand loyalty. This is all carried out in a context that is native to the customer's device onboarding journey, and which can be optimized according to a variety of criteria set by the carrier. Because the solution is dynamic and cloud-based, carriers can also run dedicated promotions during holidays or events, unique campaigns for customers who recently repaired a damaged device, or offers for customers who are nearing the end of their existing protection plan.

About ironSource
Aura is a platform which provides mobile network carriers with a smart, native and seamless way to deliver optimized device experiences for increased customer engagement. Sitting as a layer on top of the mobile OS, Aura empowers carriers to enhance the lifetime value of their customers and build a relationship with them past the point of purchase, by creating engagement touchpoints at crucial points throughout the lifetime of the device. By delivering valuable content and recommendations at times users will welcome them, Aura increases brand loyalty, reduces churn, and gives the carrier an ideal stage to promote its content and services. Aura's technology is activated or shipped on more than 700K new devices a day. Aura is a part of ironSource, founded in 2010, with a local presence in Tel Aviv, London, New York, San Francisco, Beijing, Shenzhen, Bangalore, Seoul and Tokyo. Read more at

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