Florida Parents turned Safety Advocates Release Signs that Save(TM)

ORLANDO, Fla., June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Signs That Save(TM) announce the launch of a new website and 5 summer safety campaigns for parents and guardians during quarantine and summer months. Started by Art and Kimberly Rios, parents first then therapist and banker, Signs that Save(TM) is devoted to reducing preventable deaths through visual cues. The signs are vinyl removable stickers placed in high visibility locations and offer a simple reminder to caretakers. Signs are affordable and brandable for corporate sponsors. Signs That Save(TM) Website provides a free comprehensive list of resources and news related to their campaigns.

How it Started?
Kimberly and Art Rios were driving home and heard a story about the growing number of Hot Car Deaths, or Vehicular Heatstroke cases, in Florida that are 100% preventable and 55% accidental. From this fateful drive, Signs That Save was created and launches with 5 campaigns including heat stroke prevention, hand washing, poison control, pool safety, and bath safety.

About Signs that Save and Founders
Signs that Save(TM) was born out of the necessity for visual cues, not just on the roads, but in your home or in your car, as reminders for safety first. New parents can be especially distracted and tired, a simple sign; can be a powerful reminder to double check for safety. Look for the sign, the sign that saves.

About Kimberly and Art Rios
Kimberly Beaman Rios is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, published author and founder of Accessible Books for Children, LLC. Kim has worked with individuals, couples, families and groups within the focal areas of stress, trauma, grief and anxiety. In her approach to varying situations, Kim considers, "how can the design/environment be improved?" She has applied these same principles and her love for children in creating Signs That Save(TM).

Art Rios is the Co-Chair and President of Signs That Save. Prior to devoting himself to Signs That Save(TM), Art spent almost twenty years in the financial services industry with a focus on risk management. If you ask him, the job he takes greatest pride in and enjoys the most is raising his children with his loving wife. Raised in Florida, Art enjoys the occasional round of golf, hiking, boating and fishing. Above all, he and Kimberly cherish spending quality time with their family and close friends while giving back to their community.

SOURCE Signs that Save