4900 doctors join Southeast Asia's First and Largest Virtual Healthcare Convention organized by Docquity

MANILA, Philippines, June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Docquity, a breakthrough "collaboration and learning" platform for medical professionals and The Philippine College of Surgeons PCS, hosted the SEA region's first virtual convention for general surgeons this month, attracting 4,900 doctors across multiple specialisations & multiple cities, in the pursuit of co-learning and collaboration.

Philippines' First & Largest Online Convention for doctors

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many industries operate and has propelled the pace of digitization exponentially as communities across the world go virtual. Even the healthcare industry, which is traditionally slow to adopt digital practices, is moving at speed with a shift towards telehealth.

This surge in virtual healthcare has also prompted physicians globally to engage with each other and co-share their medical expertise.

Held over two days, the 46th Midyear Convention titled "Current Directions in Surgery" welcomed almost 4,900 unique - doctors from multiple specialisations and its sub-specialities as they joined in remotely from home to discuss a range of topics from scientific studies on Advanced Imaging and Trauma Management to how specific fields are adapting to the COVID pandemic such as - Surgical infection prevention, Cancer care, Surgical and Oncology.

Speaking on the occasion of the region's first online convention for surgeons, Dr Rex Go, (PCS Board of Regents), said: "This event is one for the books. History has been made, not just here in the Philippines but for the region as well. I hope this opens the door for more opportunities for Docquity. Thank you for partnering with PCS."

Rowena Belgica, country lead of Docquity, said, "Despite the pandemic, the PCS still managed to reach its members and ensure that the best and most up-to-date practices are shared, which will make a difference to patients at the receiving end of their care. I want to express my gratitude to PCS for trusting our platform in advancing their knowledge through continuing medical education."

Southeast Asia's largest continual learning Platform for Doctors

Docquity is a verified and secure continual learning & collaboration network for medical practitioners, founded to help the medical community exchange expertise that can enhance their learning to the benefit of their patients. As COVID-19 has shown, timely information flow can help to save countless lives.

"Every doctor brings in their own expertise and experience, think about the potential when such experiences are shared and learnt from by all doctors - Doctors learning from each other's experience to drive benefits to patients - That's what Docquity strives to enable." Indranil, Co-founder of Docquity shares.

In Deloitte's 2020 global healthcare outlook report, it is found that access to adequate and high-quality medical research is often a major contributing factor to physician attrition. "The education and training of the existing workforce, along with the preparation of an appropriate pipeline of talented future staff, will be key to the success of any program of change," according to the report.

Besides co-learning and sharing, Docquity is also the most convenient way for medical professionals to further their credentials by earning Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Continuing Medical Education (CME) points from the comfort of their own homes or practice.

Amit Vithal Co founder of Docquity, said, "Doctors are our heroes, & Docquity has been built for doctors. We are committed to leveraging technology and facilitating exchange of ideas, thoughts and experiences amongst medical professionals. Byte sized - Continual co-learning."

While digital learning soars to provide convenient access to world-class physician expertise, Docquity strives to become the platform for these value-added exchanges and to allow interactive, real-time discussions and sharing of best practices.

For updates on events in respective regions, please visit https://docquity.com/#/

About Docquity

Docquity was established in 2015 to expand cooperation and knowledge exchange in the healthcare industry. Working exclusively with Medical Institutions and National Medical Associations, Docquity's doctors' only network, enables doctors to consult and collaborate with each other while providing Continuing Medical Education & medical conferences directly to doctors' mobiles.

To date, Docquity has over 190,000 verified doctors in 5 countries within S.E Asia and is the largest professional network of doctors in S.E Asia. Docquity is backed by investment from both. Corporate investors such as Itochu Corp Japan and financial VCs including Singapore Press Holdings, Genesia Ventures Japan , Spiral Ventures Japan & Purvi Capital from the United States. Headquartered in Singapore, Docquity has a 127 member team based our Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand.

Website: https://docquity.com/#/

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