VersiTech's Telehealth Payments Waives Monthly Fees

PORTLAND, Ore., April 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- VersiTech's Telehealth Payments is offering a simple solution to the recent surge of telemedicine appointments for practices of all sizes across the country. With immense pressure due to the global pandemic that health care systems everywhere are experiencing, the company is waiving their start up fees and software fees indefinitely.

Telehealth Payments allows practices to create a link for patients to securely pay their co-pay and other charges through direct ACH, credit or debit cards ahead of their appointment, even if the office is closed. A typical obstacle hospitals and clinics encounter in telemedicine is trying to reach patients on the phone and process their payment before moving forward with the appointment. Adding this simple payment platform makes co-pays convenient for patients and less time consuming for staff members.

"Our goal is to help practices quickly implement a secure and easy way to accept payments for the new normal of telemedicine, without having to make any changes to existing billing or patient software," said President and CEO Tyler Young. "Our platform offers convenience--providing the opportunity for medical providers to focus on their patients and work more efficiently."

The secure payment link, which can be texted or emailed to patients directly, as well as added to websites or select patient portals, can be customized with the branding of any practice. Custom fields can also be created for all specific details practices may need to retrieve such as patient information, name of doctor and more.

Telehealth Payments is staffed with a personable and responsive support team that will ensure a smooth set up experience for practices nationwide. For healthcare industry professionals interested in Telehealth Payments, visit, email or call (800) 935-9701.

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