Introducing Investors to Hot Hi-Tech and Bio-tech Companies: Frost & Sullivan Releases Q1 Equity Research for Investors to Make Informed Decisions in 2020

NEW YORK, June 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Equity research is published in the framework of Frost & Sullivan's Independent Equity Research Program. This type of equity research is trusted by investors as it is unbiased and analysts have no financial interest in the stock. You can explore all of the companies we cover HERE and contact us at no cost to learn more about them or to tell us about companies you want covered at:

Summary of Q1 Highlights (Our publically available full reports linked below give invaluable insight on the valuation of the Companies we cover and their markets):

Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ / TASE: FRSX)

Foresight is a unique opportunity to invest in a game-changing start up firm with three different investment opportunities: autonomous cars, trains, and cellular-based accident prevention solutions. Its inclusion in the Horizon 2020 Consortium along with Continental, the agreement with FLIR (NASDAQ: FLIR) , and the significant order from Rail Vision are all testimony to the fast moving and great potential of Foresight.

Full Report HERE

Itamar Medical: (NASDAQ / TASE: ITMR)

Strong Q1 with revenue increase of 38% YoY. COVID-19 causes increased demand for flagship product. Continued strong expansion of partnerships and insurance coverage has led to Itamar working with 10% of sleep centers in the U.S. so far!

Full Report HERE


Optimizing cellular networks for the largest international Telecoms so that they can become more profitable Allot finishes Q1 with a 16% YOY revenue increase. Broadcom's (NASDAQ AVGO) new partnership with Allot along with Allot`s new enterprise solutions are testimony to the great growth potential of Allot.

Full Report HERE

Electreon Wireless LTD. (TASE: ELWS)

Allowing EVs to charge as they drive, Electreon won tender over Volvo! Completed first segment in Sweden as well as MoU signed with a large German company to test the feasibility of the company's technology. 2020 is a significant year for Electreon with continued penetration into Europe. Our initian report summarizing 2019 and looking forward to 2020 gives invaluable insight on the fast growing Company and its ecosystem.

Full Report HERE

Enlight Renewable Energy (TASE: ENLT)

Enlight is consistently and outstandingly delivering on growing its energy projects portfolio on an international scale. The Ministry of Energy's declarations of higher renewable energy targets are a powerful driver of company growth and provide great business potential; The company has a substantial 2 gigawatt portfolio and we have updated the Company's price target.

Full Report HERE

DNA Biomedical Solutions: (TASE: DNA)

DNA is a highly cost effective arbitrage to be exposed to Entera stock (NASDAQ: ENTX). We see investment potential in DNA's share, focusing on Entera that is positioning itself as one of the leading oral delivery companies of large molecules and biologics.

Full Report HERE

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