SDSol Technologies IoT Series: The Explosion of the Internet of Things: How Does IoT Work?

MIAMI, June 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Internet of Things is embedded with sensors, electronics, and software enabling connectivity and exchange over the network without requiring human intervention. IoT systems integrate sensors/devices, connectivity, data processing, and user interface to collect and process data. IoT devices like smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs are already an integral part of mainstream electronics culture with many applications.

IoT is the reason for the rise in smart homes, and progress in the medical and health fields mobile apps that can improve health care with biofeedback sensors such as heart rate and blood pressure monitoring devices. IoT is revolutionizing the financial and banking sectors, transportation, communications, manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure, urban management, energy, and the environment. All aspects of modern life, and small to major business industries, are extraordinarily impacted by IoT.

IoT is considered a defining game-changer of our lifetime. IoT is now becoming super-charged with 5G, new Artificial Intelligence (AI), powerful Automation & Robotics, and quantum computing breakthroughs are happening faster and faster. And finally, there is "Sensor Fusion," where powerful algorithms can make sense of immense amounts of data collected from multiple sensors. It certainly appears that with all of this, human-kind will be entering a new age of the "Digital Revolution!"

In 1926 Nikola Tesla predicted that "when wireless is perfectly applied, the whole world will convert into a huge brain." Time has proven Tesla to be astonishingly prescient. Nearly a century later, all IoT devices form part of what is, in effect, a collective "brain" in which microprocessors perform the function of organic cells.

IoT has become in our world what a brain is to an individual. Picture this concept of our planet converted into a globe-sized brain with billions of "nerves" communicating with trillions of connections that control all our thoughts, memories, movements, and functions. That is the effect of billions of smart devices throughout the world, acting as a sort of central nervous system that connects billions of people, machines, and new technologies, including AI and robotics.

Increasingly, IoT is affecting what and how we think, move, and function, with a massive impact on today's businesses. Many powerful technologies are becoming increasingly accessible and affordable. Most importantly, this provides a window of opportunity for savvy companies to integrate IoT tech solutions into their business plan.

In part three of our series, SDSol Technologies will provide an overview of how IoT can transform your business.

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