Righttime Medical Care Centers Offer Both COVID-19 and Antibody Testing

ANNAPOLIS, Md., June 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Righttime Medical Care, an urgent care company with 19 locations in Maryland, is offering both COVID-19 nasal and throat swab testing as well as IgG antibody blood testing and educates patients on the advantages of both tests.

The swab, also known as the PCR test, will confirm an active infection of COVID-19, while the antibody test detects IgG antibodies which will indicate if an individual has had the virus in the past. "We advise patients if they believe they have had the virus but were unable to get a swab test, to wait at least 14 days before obtaining the antibody screen test to allow the body time to produce measurable antibodies," says Robert G. Graw, Jr., M.D., Righttime Medical Care Founder and CEO.

Graw also says, "The medical community is still learning about this virus so the production of antibodies does not necessarily mean you are immune from another episode of COVID-19 but can confirm whether you had or did not have the virus. Some individuals with COVID-19 may have had mild or no symptoms yet will have produced antibodies."

Righttime is recognized by the state of Maryland as a major COVID-19 test site and is also listed on the national Urgent Care Association's database for clean and safe testing facilities. Graw recommends COVID-19 testing be completed in the urgent care setting instead of at pharmacies and drive-through stations.

"Righttime has conducts a full physical evaluation for every patient in a safe, sanitized, and private exam room, which is a much more comprehensive approach to good health. Anytime you have a controlled environment, we can obtain an appropriate nose or throat swab, along with properly screening for physical symptoms and even mental health, which is important in our current climate," he says.

Since March, the company has tested 11,000 patients for COVID-19, and its RighttimeNOW virtual visit service, which was established in 2018 and evaluates patients for both COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 related medical concerns, has experienced an increase in volume of 3,000 percent since the beginning of the pandemic.

"Our data show the value of urgent care in the community, as an alternative to potential exposure to COVID-19 in the ER, and as a support to primary care providers who prefer not to test," says Graw. "Our clinical teams are highly trained and have personal protective equipment and protocols to keep everyone safe. Additionally, we are more cost effective than the ER."

Righttime also is seeing an increase in non-COVID concerns such as allergies, tick bites and trauma such as head injuries, cuts, sprains, and broken bones. "People have been following Governor Hogan's Maryland Roadmap to Recovery and getting out more in the warmer weather," says Graw. "Of course, this leads to illnesses and injuries related to outdoor activities."

Righttime's Medical Leadership Team monitors the Maryland Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other organizations to ensure the actions their medical providers are taking are the most current.

Righttime's COVID-19 testing follows state guidelines that allow tests to be performed on asymptomatic patients as well as those without referrals. The company makes medical care safe and accessible with curbside check-in, personal protective equipment for patients, escorts to exam rooms, disinfecting all surfaces, separate rooms for different populations including those with COVID-19 symptoms, and extra time for sanitizing rooms.

RIGHTTIME MEDICAL CARE simplifies access to trustworthy medical care for patients of all ages at its 19 urgent care locations in Maryland. Righttime holds the Certified Urgent Care designation, which distinguishes it as among the top urgent care centers nationwide. Righttime is open 365 days a year and welcomes walk-in patients, while also offering same-day appointments online or via its Call Center as well as its RighttimeNOW(TM) telemedicine service. Convenient services include x-rays, laboratory testing, a patient portal, and electronic health records which are shared with patients' physicians, specialists and collaborating medical institutions. For more information, visit myrighttime.com.

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