Tibit Leans in Strong on PON Interoperability, Provides Enabling Toolset Directly to Carriers

PETALUMA, Calif., June 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Tibit Communications, Inc., a Petaluma, CA based innovator of next-generation access devices for PON, announced today the release of a developer toolset, the Polyglot(TM) OMCI Editor, which enables carriers to proactively manage 3(rd) Party device connectivity. Making such a tool freely available to partners and carriers is an industry first for an OLT equipment provider. The open availability, and even the name Polyglot, signal Tibit's support for open and more flexible 10G PON solutions to global carriers.

The in-home component of PON, the Optical Network Unit [ONU], comprises 80% or more of the cost of active equipment for fiber access, yet many carriers are bound to the ONU provided by their OLT vendor. This stifles carrier innovation and cost-reduction. Breaking this OLT-to-ONU link requires in-depth knowledge of the ONU Management Control Interface [OMCI] commands unique to each device type. Because of the complexity, OMCI development is usually reserved to R&D organizations buried deep inside of OLT manufacturers' labs.

"Tibit's Polyglot(TM) OMCI Editor turns the interop situation upside down by making key tools available directly to carriers and integration partners," said Ed Boyd, CTO of Tibit Communications. "Our toolset provides the three key abilities needed for new ONU bring-up: An automated data-model discovery engine, a graphical display tool of 'managed entities' (ME's), and an editor to allow configuration of ME's in the device. As part of our commitment to supporting open PON solutions, we are proud to make freely available to our partners the R&D toolset we use ourselves to effect interoperability."

PON should be much simpler to deploy than it is today. Watch for more news from Tibit in 2020 on how we're making that happen.

About Tibit Communications

Founded in 2014, Tibit Communications has introduced a fundamental change to the architecture and economics of PON solutions, which has been mostly constrained to proprietary, chassis-mounted architectures available from only a few global vendors. Tibit's MicroPlug(TM) OLT is the world's first pluggable OLT. The standard-based SFP+ form factor allows their device to plug into almost any 10G switch port, greatly expanding architecture options for carriers. All this is enabled by the Tibit bridge ASIC, the world's smallest and lowest power 10G OLT chipset, which supports a rich feature set across both ITU-T and IEEE 10G PON standards.

For more information on Tibit and our Polyglot OMCI Editor, contact us at: info@tibitcom.com.

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