AEEC's Smart Water Data Analytics Solution is Selected for the LIFT Program

RESTON, Va., June 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Water Research Foundation (WRF) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF), has selected AEEC's Google Cloud solution Smart Water Data Analytics in their Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT) program. LIFT is a multi-faceted initiative undertaken by the WRF and WEF to help bring new water technology to the water and environmental field quickly and efficiently. The WEF is a not-for-profit technical and educational organization of more than 34,000 individual members and 75 Member Associations (MAs) representing water quality professionals around the world. AEEC, a technology firm based in Reston, Virginia, has a track record of developing and delivering groundbreaking innovative technologies related to Internet of Things using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data analytics.

AEEC developed this solution in response to challenges water utility industries faced such as process efficiency and lack of data driven decision making. This new platform enables data integration, visualization, reporting, and analysis with Machine learning. This solution overcomes data silos and enables access to data from across the enterprise, process, and infrastructure for machine learning models, automated reports, and user dashboards.

Cory Hixenbaugh, AEEC's Program Manager commented, "This is a great milestone in our journey of developing new technologies for industrial and public utility applications. The pilot solution deployed at a customer site includes a dashboard for data access and visualization, predictive models based on key water quality parameters measured at the site, and a pilot mobile interface for operators in the field. A machine learning model is used for influent flow rate predictions. Through an initial investment of approximately $100,000, the customer has seen a return of approximately $360,000 in cost savings generated by more efficient reporting and data-driven process optimization."

Cory Hixenbaugh led this effort along with team members Moloy Chatterjee, Matt Melvin, and Darwin Layog. Currently this solution is deployed at an industrial waste water treatment system on a pilot scale. But AEEC's long-term goal is to scale this solution across the water and wastewater industries across the United States and the world in our partnership with Google.

Raj Patil, P.E and CEO of AEEC commented that "We are excited that this solution has been selected by WRF in their LIFT program. The major goal of Smart Water Data Analytics is to be a tool that enables cost-savings for water and wastewater organizations. By providing utilities with active monitoring capabilities and automated report generation, our solution increases operations efficiency. Active monitoring also furthers an organization's ability to optimize their treatment processes, as they can watch in real-time how water quality is changing. Our predictive analysis provides insights into improving health and safety conditions while also helping to alert utilities to problems before they occur. Smart Water Data Analytics was also built with affordability in mind, and our solution requires minimal investment while providing expanded functionality."

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