EZ Blockchain launches blockchain mining mobile data center with 2,500 KW capacity

CHICAGO, June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- EZ Blockchain, a leader in proof of work blockchain infrastructure is thrilled to announce the launch of the EZ Smartbox 3.0, a 40 ft container size mobile unit with its extraordinary efficiency and power capacity for cryptocurrency mining operations. As the blockchain space adoption is growing rapidly in the USA, capital expenditures play a major role in any high-density computing venture. Smartbox 3.0 is designed to stay ahead of the fast-paced environment by providing full plug-and-play mobile data centers within a reasonable upfront cost.

EZ Blockchain made news before, developing the EZ Tank - mining container in 2017 and a year later - the EZ Smartbox. The third version of the mobile data center has taken the same leaps each previous version did from prior. The 3.0 new design has a capacity of 720 miners of Antminer S17/S19 or Whatsminer M30S, reaching a total of 2,500 KW of power consumption.

"The Smartbox 3.0 improvements and new features were critical to adapt and implement in today's fast-developing industry. That is why EZ Blockchain invested enormous time and resources into making a new revision of Smartbox faster than any iteration before," said Vlad Rodinoff, company's president who personally oversaw the team of engineers developing the new modular data center.

After only six months of fast research and development and another six of high-capacity production, the new Smartbox 3.0 was built out in the new design, including:

    --  Unrivaled temperature control for remote areas with temperatures up to
    --  Separate access, state of the art Power Room with high-end electric
        components such as Schneider Electric and ABB.
    --  All miners individually protected with double pole breakers
    --  Remote main breakers operation for limited access field application now
        capable of synchronizing with the grid to control demand hours
    --  Top-of-line UniFi network gear
    --  Oil-field-ready operation with quick deployment on any flat surface or
    --  Swing-out panels with air intake filters for quick-and-easy service
    --  Swing-out electrical fan panels for easy access (three fans per each
    --  Adjustable height rack shelves to accommodate different size miners
    --  Redesigned hot/cold zone dividers

EZ Blockchain's extensive experience in crypto mining was used in R&D for superior structural and functional design of the Smartbox 3.0. The company gave away the idea of the retrofitted marine containers used by other manufacturers due to overheating issues with temperatures above 95°F. Instead, water, fire-resistant sandwich panels with foam between aluminum sheets are used, providing thermal insulation for both hot and cold environments, and are lightweight for easy installation.

The company has set up the manufacturing line to increase the production of mobile data centers to meet the existing demand in the US.

Based out of Chicago, IL, EZ Blockchain is a full-service crypto mining facility management company that builds and operates physical infrastructures for blockchain-based mining since 2017. Read more about EZ Blockchain and their projects on their website, www.ezblockchain.net.

CONTACT: Sergii Gerasymovych, info@ezblockchain.net, 312-846-1354

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