ePIC Blockchain Announces SC200 Mining Rig

A Robust, High-Efficiency Rig for Siacoin Network

TORONTO, June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ePIC Blockchain Technologies Inc., a North American-based cryptomining hardware company, today unveiled the SC200 Mining Rig for the Siacoin network. Priced at $1,250(1) USD, the SC200 has been designed for high efficiency and reliable operation for many years of profitable mining.

"ePIC is proud to announce the SC200 Mining Rig for Siacoin. Our SC200 has been designed for reliable, long-life mining along with superior performance and efficiency," states Henry Quan, CEO of ePIC Blockchain.

"We chose to support Siacoin as our first ePIC-branded blockchain mining platform. ePIC firmly embraces the Skynet vision and blockchain storage applications," he added. "The SC200 is the first of three mining products that ePIC will be releasing over the next year."

Higher Hashing performance and Better Efficiency

The SC200 Mining Rig provides superior hashing performance and better operating efficiency for greater rewards mining Siacoin.

SC200 specifications(2) are:

    --  2,200 GH/sec. hashrate at 1,300 Watts or a high-efficiency mode of 1,800
        GH/sec. at 900 Watts
    --  Compared to popular rigs on the Sia network, the SC200 provides 4x more
        hash rate for greater rewards and 60% better efficiency for lower
        operating cost.

Robust Design

The SC200 has been designed for reliable operation in the field using requirements, componentry and methodology common to Tier 1 GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) cards.

The SC200's robust design includes:

-- Use of 16-phase power circuitry ensures stable power delivery: This design is rarely used in today's mining rigs that typically incorporate lower-cost series power circuitry. -- Single piece heatsink for superior heat dissipation: Single piece heatsinks are more reliable in the field, overcoming failures such as dislodged heatsinks common to multi-piece designs. -- Long fan life: SC200 has been calibrated for extended fan life through optimizing thermal and operating efficiency.

Supporting Quotes

"Proof-of-Work remains the only battle-tested, proven consensus mechanism for a decentralized blockchain. We are thrilled that ePIC Blockchain has joined us in the Sia mining community to help secure and protect this network, while the Sia team goes on to expand Skynet, a revolutionary cloud storage solution. Luxor remains committed to producing the best mining pool for Siacoin." - Nick Hansen, CEO, Luxor Technologies

"LightSpeed Hosting is excited to partner with ePIC. Currently, LightSpeed is the largest colocation facility for Sia miners worldwide and caters to customers with 1 miner, or 1000. We're excited to see the evolution of new ASIC chips to power and secure the Sia network and look forward to working with ePIC Blockchain to provide the industries best uptime and support for their new ASICs." - Joshua Holmes, Partner, LightSpeed Hosting

Price and Availability

The SC200 is in production ramp and will be available for shipment at mid-August 2020. Priced at $1,250 USD, volume discounts are available for large-volume purchases. Quantities are limited, as ePIC intends to cap production to avoid network saturation which makes mining unprofitable.

For a livestream demonstration of the SC200 in operation on Luxor Pool, please visit: https://www.epicblockchain.io/mining-sc200

For further information, please contact info@epicblockchain.io or https://t.me/Henry_ePIC.

About ePIC Blockchain www.epicblockchain.io

ePIC Blockchain is a North American-based Cryptocurrency ASIC and Mining
Rig supplier. ePIC 's engineering team has developed semiconductor technology for many popular products in use over the past decade including 10 generations of AMD GPUs, six generations of game consoles, plus several generations of Smartphone devices.

At ePIC, we build superior products for Altcoin mining. The SC200 is the first of several rigs that ePIC is planning to launch over the next two years. Watch our website for additional products later this year.

About Sia https://sia.tech

Sia is the leading decentralized cloud storage platform. No signups, no servers, no trusted third parties. Sia leverages blockchain technology to create a data storage marketplace that is more robust and more affordable than traditional cloud storage providers.

About Luxor https://www.luxor.tech

Luxor is a North American (Seattle)-based mining firm that operates multiple hashrate-based products, including a globally distributed mining pool, network-switching algorithm, and a mining market and network data site. Luxor is focused on creating new hashrate-based systems for miners to sell their hashrate in a transparent and easy way.

About LightSpeed Hosting https://www.lightspeedhosting.com

Located in North America (Medina, Ohio) and offering data centers in Valley City, Ohio, and soon-to-be-completed in Fayetteville, Georgia, LightSpeed Hosting delivers state-of-the-art colocation, cloud, and fiber connectivity services. LightSpeed is one of the very few traditional data center companies working to legitimize hosting of high-density, high-touch and rapidly changing markets such as crypto mining, AI rendering, video rendering, and others.


(1)Optional 1600W power supply available for $100.
(2)Specifications are subject to change without notice.

*Trademarks are owned by their respective owners.

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