IBH Launches Dysruption, an Industry First, Mental Health, Breakthrough Technology Focused, Corporate Incubator

IRVINE, Calif., June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- IBH Population Health Solutions (Integrated Behavioral Health, Inc.), one of the nation's largest digitally enabled mental healthcare providers, today announced the launch of a digital healthcare focused incubator and healthcare consortium, called Dysruption. The company agnostic incubator program was created as a vehicle for rapidly prototyping, evaluating and launching new evidenced based technologies that will improve access to and the quality of mental healthcare across the world. By design it is intended to be a catalyst for bringing together scientists, academicians, entrepreneurs, healthcare providers, employers and accelerate the exploration and deployment of capabilities that improve patient care and the patient experience.

"Healthcare can be better. There has never been a time in history where we have had the ability to make such fundamental improvements in the quality of mental healthcare and make it more accessible and affordable to all and yet the pace of change in our healthcare system is too slow and the inertia is hard to overcome," said Dan Clark, CEO of IBH. "There are thousands of ideas and technologies that wither on the vine waiting for a chance to be explored, validated and deployed across our healthcare system and Dysruption represents our commitment to change that."

Dysruption is about getting things done and ensuring every project has resources dedicated to exploring and deploying advancements quickly to improve care, access, the patient experience and cost. Through Dysruption, a consortium of scientists, clinicians, innovative employers and likeminded healthcare solution providers all work together to share, learn, transform and disrupt traditional healthcare systems and the resistance inertia found in many organizations.

As a result, it limits the number of projects and requires all companies and healthcare systems that participate to dedicate resources, commit to timelines, share learnings and data between consortium members, going so far as to require participants to apply to take part in each "mission" and make those commitments in advance. Dysruption accepts nominations for new project ideas year-round. Each application is evaluated by the Dysruption Advisory Board and chosen based upon a variety of criteria including the concept's impact magnitude, clinical promise and feasibility for rapid development and testing.

"Our board chooses a limited number of projects to focus on at any given time and relentlessly pursues discovery and execution," said Paulette Garside, director of product development for IBH. "This ensures we apply sufficient time, attention, and resources to achieve velocity. Each project nomination is carefully considered for execution. Some projects are geared towards providers, some focus on the employer or employee, but all projects are aimed at ultimately improving care and the patient experience."

Dysruption has launched with four sponsored projects that include digital behavioral coaching, social connectedness, provider clinical data analytics, and virtual response activation. Two of its first projects have already been deployed and include digital behavioral coaching and social connectedness. The most recent program which launched in May, now known as CareGiver Plus, was designed to address loneliness in senior populations and to promote social connectedness and thereby improvement in mental health and wellbeing. It was the first employee assistance program (EAP) in the nation to introduce such a program and hopes Dysruption will be an industry accelerant for improvement in care worldwide.

To learn more about Dysruption, view the video, nominate a project, or apply to participate, visit dysruption.com.

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