Study Shows Gold Hill Mesa Filing 11 Can Continue as Planned

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Additional geotechnical engineering research confirms that Gold Hill Mesa, a master planned community in Colorado Springs, has no geologic hazards that would preclude it from the planned development outlined in its Filing 11 application in review with the City of Colorado Springs.

"We are confident, based on the extensive data and professional analyses of two top geotechnical engineering firms, that there should be no reason for the City to deny or further delay development of this project," says Stephanie Edwards, executive vice president of Gold Hill Mesa. "Despite economic and reputational damages to us, the builders and the homeowners of Gold Hill Mesa due to the creation of a crisis where there was none, Gold Hill Mesa is poised to support our city's economic rebound from the COVID-19 crisis. Our builders have patiently stood by during this prolonged delay and are shovel-ready to resume construction immediately. Further, multiple state-registered, licensed engineers and Doctoral-level scientists have provided the facts and data to tell the true Gold Hill Mesa story."

The in-depth study and analyses were in response to requests made by Colorado Geological Survey (CGS), a non-regulatory entity that provides geologic advice as a consultant to the City of Colorado Springs Planning Department. In its review of Gold Hill Neighborhood, LLC's Filing 11 development plan and plat submission, CGS posed questions about liquefaction (a study of impacts from seismic activity) and subsurface conditions.

Conducted by long-time geotechnical engineering firm CTL|Thompson and peer reviewed by nationally recognized firm, Bryant Consultants, the study's scope of testing spanned well beyond those requests contained in the CGS review of the Filing 11 submissions.

Although the initial CTL|Thompson geological report extensively reviewed the suitability of the Filing 11 area, finding it appropriate for residential development, the additional work and peer review was engaged by Gold Hill Neighborhood, LLC, as an extra measure to address all the issues raised by CGS.

The investigation involved extensive testing, including a thorough characterization of subsurface conditions as well as a comprehensive liquefaction study with more than 180 seismic model simulations. (Liquefaction occurs during sizable earthquakes and can cause major damage to buildings and structures.) As an additional measure, months of ground survey monitoring was conducted in order to augment the extensive lab testing.

"We have always gone above and beyond to support the Gold Hill Mesa community and the city at large," says Edwards. "We took CGS' questions seriously and doubled down on our investment to the community with this extensive investigative study. Now that this much-anticipated study is complete, we are pleased to share that the findings from the Filing 11 reaffirm conclusions from the original report and that the site is suitable for development. We are comforted and confident in our ability to continue revitalizing this amazing community and delivering much-needed housing options near our city's core."

Bryant Consultants, Inc., a nationally recognized Geotechnical Engineering firm, has independently reviewed and verified the April 8, 2020 CTL Filing 11 report in light of the Colorado Geological Survey (CGS) recommendations and is of the opinion that these concerns have been satisfactorily addressed. Further, Bryant Consultants states CTL's conclusion that Filing 11 can be developed as planned is reasonable and is supported by appropriate geotechnical engineering analysis.

Gold Hill Mesa has successfully executed development plans for 14 filings over the course of more than a decade. While the review process for filings 10 and 11 has led to delays and significant financial losses for not only the developer, but for the private citizens who proudly own their homes in this beloved neighborhood, community leaders believe the CTL|Thompson study, as peer reviewed by Bryant Consultants, holds the needed proof to enable movement forward on the next phase of growth for the community.

About Gold Hill Mesa

Gold Hill Mesa is a new urbanism neighborhood designed to promote walkability with a vision of building a mixed-use community in Colorado Springs with a balance of functional design and aesthetic appeal. Its goal is to bring residents the ability to live, work, shop and play within the community through a network of greenways and parks. Gold Hill Mesa is proud to work with masterful builders in classic architectural styles with modern features befitting a vibrant and inviting community.

About CTL|Thompson

CTL|Thompson is a full-service geotechnical, structural, environmental and materials engineering firm. Established in 1971, the firm currently employs 240 technical and non-technical employees and provides expertise in small and large-scale projects in all areas of construction. CTL|Thompson is headquartered in Denver and has offices in Fort Collins, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Glenwood Springs and Summit County, Colorado, and Cheyenne, Wyoming. For more information, please visit

About Bryant Consultants

Bryant Consultants is a national geotechnical engineering and forensic service provider, known for excellence in forensic analysis and modeling. Bryant Consultants offers over 20 years of expertise in geotechnical forensics and site analysis built upon a multi-disciplinary approach for uncovering truths held within soil, materials and structures. For more information, please visit

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