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  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance

MetaSensing is an Italian-Dutch company focusing on advanced radar technology, which manufactures and operates radar sensors for different remote sensing applications.

MetaSensing provides high-resolution radar sensors for mapping and surveillance with compact airborne radar sensors applying state-of-the-art Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) techniques as well as ground-based sensors for detection, mapping and surveillance. 

In late 2017 MetaSensing kicked off its own satellite SAR payload at X band featuring 20 cm resolution.

MetaSensing offers high resolution radar sensors and services for mapping, geo-monitoring, defence, and space applications.

​The company’s expertise ranges from antenna design till SAR advanced processing through radar assembly at different frequency bands.

MetaSensing guarantees a competent and proved experience in manufacturing and testing of rugged components and sensors. The unique ground and airborne based radar systems are currently operated around the world: in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, and the company products are operationally used by various customers, including Space Agencies, research institutes, universities, and private business and is easily adaptable to different frequency bands depending on the requested application.

Currently, MetaSensing has a large variety of radar sensors for airborne and ground-based applications and they span the whole usual radar bands: P, L, S, C, X, Ku, Ka, to cover all the areas of interests. All the sensors can be customized according to the user needs. 

MetaSensing sensors are light-weight, robust, compact, easy deployable, polarimetric, interferometric and with high resolution and accuracy. The instruments are also operationally used by MetaSensing for airborne data acquisitions at different bands with real-time and off-line processing. The sensors have been mounted on different commercial and readily available airborne platforms including manned and unmanned rotary and fixed wings.

MetaSensing has offices in Italy, The Netherlands and Singapore and a network of partners in several countries around the world.

MetaSensing B.V.

  • Hygensstraat 44, 2201 DK, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
  • +31 (0) 71-7515960
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