Clario Launches To Fight Cybercrime

LONDON, June 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The wait is over. Clario Tech Ltd ( today announces that its hotly anticipated personal digital security and privacy application is available for immediate download on MacOS, iOS and Android devices.

Clario offers a bold new approach to the mounting $6 trillion cybercrime crisis. Its personalized and vibrant intuitive user experience transforms security software from complex into a jargon-free, simplified and rewarding experience.

Users have unique 24/7 access to a 600+ on-demand tech experts that can be accessed in one click in-app for advice and immediate support. Clario's experts can help users with issues such as COVID cyber scams, changing voice assistant or smart device privacy settings, removing malicious software, advice for online account breaches or ransomware attacks.

Clario is more than software - it provides complete online peace of mind.

"Starting today, consumers have a better choice than the intimidating and complicated security software that has been traditionally available," said Clario CEO Alun Baker. "Clario doesn't compromise on capabilities, but it simplifies people's digital privacy and security, even for those getting online for the very first time. We've fused human support with personalized, cutting-edge software. Now, anyone can have peace of mind and protect their data. This day will be remembered as a turning point in the fight against cybercrime."

Clario provides apps for Macs, iOS, and Android, with Windows support in development. Prices are $15 per month or $99 per year for up to three devices.

Clario will lock prices for LIFE for customers who buy Clario before the end of July.

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Clario Product Detail

Clario is a comprehensive and totally intuitive multi-platform application. It covers all protection needs in one engaging interface, integrating on hand 24/7 security experts. It gives real-time protection against digital threats (malware, ransomware, spyware), money loss, breaches of personal information and identity theft, device security, data privacy and more. Clario's simplified approach makes powerful security features seamlessly accessible through a single app with a unique user experience powered by some of the world's most sophisticated and trusted security providers including BitDefender and NordVPN.

Whether on a desktop, laptop, web or mobile, Clario offers users a refreshing and strictly jargon-free product. At its heart, the personal security dashboard is designed to help people understand what the software does in plain English.

Clario adapts to the personal security preferences of each individual, automating where required and providing seamless recommendations and actions based on the user's needs and security profile. Security experts are an integrated part of all areas, offering clear advice and help, where needed, including personal vulnerability checks, plus emergency support if and when something happens.

Clario's personal security dashboard has six key areas intuitively helping users with their digital security:

    --  Identity protection: Continually monitors dark web password breaches in
        real-time. If a breach occurs users will be immediately alerted and
        advised on next steps.
    --  Money: Keep your financial information secure with protection against
        phishing and spyware. 24/7 monitoring of online accounts and credit
        cards for breaches when shopping and banking online.
    --  Network: Enables a safe and secure connection on any network with
        powerful VPN technology. Includes setup, monitoring and securing of home
        networks and vulnerable IoT devices.
    --  Browsing: Safe browsing, smart ad-blocking, anti-tracking, real-time
        anti-malware, and anti-phishing to allow secure and private browsing
        without being tracked, hacked, or ending up on malicious sites.
    --  Safeguarding Files: Automatically blocks malicious apps and monitors
        unauthorized access against leaks to keep data private. Advice to help
        strengthen personal data security, on the cloud or stored locally.
    --  Protection across devices: Real-time, multi-platform, monitoring, and
        blocking against digital threats including ransomware and other
        malicious attacks. Security experts are available 24/7 in case of an

Security experts are an integrated part of all areas, offering clear advice and help, where needed, including personal vulnerability checks, plus emergency support if and when something happens.

Buzz about Clario

Clario has been turning heads and building buzz since it was previewed earlier this year. Fast Company wrote that Clario's high-end features are "wrapped in a package that feels understandable for normal users instead of geeks." The company has been named the Uber of Cybersecurity in London's Evening Standard newspaper, Computer Weekly, Verdict Magazine and more. Clario's surprising findings on password safety have been published by TechRepublic, CISO Magazine, and ABC Radio.

Clario has also been getting rave reviews from those who have beta-tested the software. Typical comments from real users have included:

    --  "Made me feel safe and secure."
    --  "User-friendly so I didn't get intimidated or scared."
    --  "Fun and exciting - doesn't seem like the typical security app."
    --  "Clario made me feel like I was supported all the way - so comforting."

About Clario

Clario Tech Limited is a London-based cybersecurity company. It was founded in 2019 to disrupt the security software industry by securing people's digital lives with a human, customer-focused approach to cybersecurity. Led by CEO Alun Baker, Clario employs more than 800 people including 600+ digital security experts. Clario is available for Mac desktop, IOS, and Android smartphones from summer 2020. Additional devices will be available later in the year.

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