NTS’s Nuclear Center of Excellence Earns Utilities Service Alliance (USA) Supplier-Partner Membership Status

NTS, the undisputed leader in testing, inspection, and certification, today announced that its Nuclear Center of Excellence located in Huntsville, Alabama earned supplier-partner member status with the Utilities Services Alliance (USA), a not-for-profit cooperative designed to facilitate business and economic benefits to independent nuclear utility providers. The USA Supplier-Partner Membership connects NTS to a unique community of independent utility providers dedicated to delivering world-class products and services at an outstanding value to their customers. USA members receive best-in-class pricing and service models normally only available to large fleet utility operators.

“As a USA Supplier-Partner Member, we are now an ideal supplier to independent nuclear utility providers across the nation,” said Brad Ferguson, Strategic Business Director of NTS Nuclear Operations. “The pricing models we’re able to offer USA members allow independent operators to access products and services they may not otherwise be able to afford,” he continued. “For instance, NTS is the exclusive supplier of safety-related Yokogawa recorders and controllers worldwide and the exclusive provider of all Yokogawa products in North America.”

In addition to gaining competitive access to Yokogawa products, USA members will be able to secure the wide range of testing services offered by NTS. The scope of services includes seismic and design based accident simulations, EMI/EMC, specialty environmental testing, QME-1 valve qualification, off-site relief valve testing, snubber testing, inspection, and repair. With the new status, NTS is able to provide USA members with world-class services at very competitive rates.

“We are extremely pleased to add NTS to our USA Supplier-Partner Program,” said Jim Kitchens, Director – Contracts, Supplier Relations and Events, United Services Alliance. “The addition of NTS provides our independent members with access to a world-class supplier, which allows operators to extend best-in-class services to their customers. This is the mission of USA—and we’re proud that NTS enables us to deliver on that mission.”

About National Technical Systems

National Technical Systems, Inc. (NTS) is the leading provider of qualification testing, inspection, and certification services in North America, serving a broad range of industries, including the civil aviation, space, defense, nuclear, telecommunications, industrial, electronics, medical, and automotive end markets. Since 1961, NTS has built the broadest geographic presence in the United States, offering more than 70 distinct environmental simulation and materials testing categories, including climatic, structural, dynamics, fluid flow, EMI/EMC, lightning, product safety, acoustics, failure analysis, chemical, and other industry-specific tests.

Operating through a network of more than 27 technologically advanced testing laboratories, this geographically diverse footprint puts NTS facilities in close proximity to its more than 8,000 clients, allowing NTS to serve the nation’s most innovative companies with industry-leading accessibility and responsiveness. NTS is accredited by numerous national and international organizations and operates its inspection division under the Unitek brand, providing a wide range of supply chain management services. NTS’ certification division, which operates under the NQA brand, is one of the largest and most respected global ISO registrars, with active certifications in more than 75 countries. For additional information about NTS, visit our website at www.nts.com or call 800-270-2516.