TapRooT® Doubles Down on Improving Human Performance with New Complete TapRooT® RCA Book Set

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., June 29, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- System Improvements Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its new Complete TapRooT® RCA Book Set, now available through the TapRooT® Store.

System Improvements President Mark Paradies observes, "During the 30 years that the TapRooT® staff has trained global industry leaders and their employees in TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis to minimize human errors, improve human performance, and apprehend precursor events in order to mitigate or eliminate major incidents, thus saving lives, we've learned much in the process. Our learning process, of course, involves research, documentation, development of new, improved processes, and updates of TapRooT® books and the references that support them."

The Complete TapRooT® RCA Book Set is the culmination of the latest research to improve investigations, root cause analysis, and human performance. In effect, the new 10-book root cause analysis reference set, with three additional resources, is the new standard in one complete root cause analysis reference set.

The additional resources in the Complete TapRooT® RCA Book Set include TapRooT®'s latest Root Cause Tree®, the Root Cause Tree® Dictionary, and Corrective Action Helper® Guide, with the 10-book set.

Each of the 10 books in the set is brief, readable, and helpful to anyone who needs to:

    --  Save lives
    --  Prevent injuries
    --  Improve quality
    --  Stop repeat equipment failures
    --  Eliminate wasteful cost in organizations
    --  Reduce the common practice of blaming people for mistakes beyond their
    --  Stop needless incidents and deaths in hospitals (improve patient safety)
    --  Improve the trending of incidents and measurement of improvements
    --  Help people understand how to use root cause analysis proactively

Paradies comments, "With the new book set, you'll have the best collection of root cause analysis tools, full of life's lessons in problem-solving, that you can't find anywhere else."

For details or inquiries about the TapRooT® System, call System Improvements Inc. at 865-539-2139, or contact us online at http://www.taproot.com/contact/. Learn more about TapRooT® at http://www.taproot.com. You may purchase the Complete TapRooT® RCA Book Set through the TapRooT® Store.

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Founded in 1988, TapRooT® solves hurdles every investigator faces. TapRooT® root cause analysis takes an investigator beyond his or her knowledge to think outside the box. Backed with extensive research in human performance, incident investigation, and root cause analysis, TapRooT® is a global leader in improved investigation effectiveness and productivity, stopping finger pointing and blame, improving equipment reliability, and fixing operating problems.

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