Dr. Nickole Bazger of Women's Excellence and Life Flows MEDICINE & SURGERY Offers Natural Family Planning and Specialized Fertility Care Options for Women

Detroit, Michigan, June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Natural family planning and fertility are special interests of Dr. Bazger. She is a Certified FertilityCare(TM) Medical Consultant with advanced expertise in the Creighton Model System of FertilityCare(TM) and Medical and Surgical Natural Procreative TECHNOLOGY (coined "NaPro" for short), having completed the exclusive St. John Paul II Fellowship at the St. Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction.

As a specialist in the field of natural fertility, Dr. Bazger employs her experience developing and curating a holistic, osteopathic approach, applying NaPro TECHNOLOGY in conjunction with the information from the Creighton Model charting system, her signature LFMS Menstrual Tracking Tool, and additional Sympto-Thermal NFP Methods such as Marquette to assist women in understanding and nurturing their natural menstrual and fertility cycles, and subsequently boost natural conception and health of both mother and baby throughout the pregnancy. This approach also provides special ways to cooperate with the women's baseline menstrual patterns and help her achieve gynecologic health which is key for natural fertility enhancement.

Natural Family Planning can be used flexibly to achieve or avoid a pregnancy within a given cycle. The Creighton Model offers the highest efficacy for how a woman or couple is using the system. Because the full spectrum of OB/GYN health spans different reproductive phases, Natural Family Planning is a great alternative to conventional GYN approaches to fertility management, as it is a natural fit for any woman and couple who are particularly natural health-minded or coming from a faith-based perspective. Dr. Bazger's patients especially appreciate that she is authentic and consistent in declaring herself as NFP-only and Pro-Life from Day 1 of her training. This dedication sparked her path and inspiration to pursue Medical and Surgical NaPro training during her 3rd year of OB/GYN residency and continue on to complete the year-long Fellowship in Omaha.

Surgical NaPro TECHNOLOGY utilizes minimally-invasive operative techniques designed to prevent adhesions or scar tissue and includes reconstructive pelvic surgery, microsurgery, laser surgery, and resection of endometriosis. Dr. Bazger describes her laparoscopic laser approach to endometriosis as "such an amazing skillset to offer women who can oftentimes receive both a diagnosis confirming endometriosis, and an effective, lasting treatment in the same day!" A laser approach affords low recurrence rates and actual vaporization of the endometriosis lesions. This improves overall health and wellbeing by reducing chronic pelvic symptoms, hormonal dominance, or deficiency patterns, and incidentally improves fertility by disrupting the negative effects of endometriosis-related inflammation on events surrounding conception and subsequent impact on miscarriage risk.

For her patients, Dr. Bazger aims to preserve, restore, or enhance natural fertility and optimize reproductive health by promoting a preventative, holistic approach to health and wellness. She also specializes in enhancing natural reproductive potential by addressing, diagnosing, and treating the underlying anatomic and physiologic conditions that cause infertility or difficulty conceiving, such as hormone deficiency, endometriosis, pelvic adhesive disease and chronic inflammation, and the PCOS spectrum or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. "The anatomy and physiology are constantly influencing one another, and this manifests as clinical signs and symptoms", describes Dr. Bazger. "It's important to identify where the opportunity may be for balance and support within the body, which starts with a holistic approach."

Dr. Bazger is currently accepting new patients for in-office consultations at Women's Excellence in Royal Oak, Michigan. In addition, Dr. Bazger has virtual appointment availability, called Specialty Virtual Care, provided by Women's Excellence. In order to schedule a Specialty Virtual Care appointment, patients will need access to a computer or mobile device with video and microphone capabilities. Although many visits can be done solely through Specialty Virtual Care, some visits will require in office visits for blood draws and imaging with options for patient convenience.

To schedule an appointment, visit?http://www.WomensExcellence.com. Online Patient Support Specialists are available Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm to assist new, current, and prospective patients. The chat is located at the bottom right corner of your computer or mobile device screen at?http://www.WomensExcellence.com. During offline hours, all chats sent will be messaged directly to a Women's Excellence team member. Offline messages will receive a response within 24 hours. Messages received during the weekend will be answered the next business week. Appointments can also be made at (248) 693-0543.

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