MIE Solutions Spearheads Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing

GARDEN GROVE, Calif., July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Transform your Manufacturing shop into an integrated suite with MIE Solutions.

As the desire for IoT (Internet of Things) and machine monitoring increases in the manufacturing industry, solutions are available to take manufacturers to the next level. Issues stemming from inaccurate data entry can compromise Shop Floor decisions. Eliminating false and erroneous reporting is critical to achieving the real-time visibility that your business needs.

MIE Solutions' machine monitoring tools advance the collection of rich data and report creation, as well as providing live dashboards exhibiting KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). KPIs allow you to measure success and configure data to truly empower each of your departments. Using real-time machine metrics, manufacturing industries can become more productive, ensuring that machine up-time and down-time is measured and reviewed for optimum performance.

"The great amount of data collected from the shop floor is the key that opens doors to a well-organized and efficient factory," says Andre Walentowski, Manufacturing Engineer at MIE Solutions. "Machine data, predictive analytics, anomaly detection, and all this rich data is allowing us to create opportunity on the shop floor."

MIE Trak Pro was built on the production shop floor to streamline the quoting process and to provide accurate job costing analytics. With thirty years of experience responding to and scaling the product to customers' requirements and to the current environment, we strive to optimize the manufacturing ecosystem. Our goal is to help organizations harvest performance data that will ultimately modernize business operations.

Scheduling, real-time data collection, and preventive maintenance are major concerns for our industry. The addition of machine utilization tracking only heightens the capabilities that MIE Trak Pro offers. The end goal for our customers is to increase the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). With proper implementation, clients discover new ways to optimize production performance and deliver more reliable business practices.

The innovative development team at MIE Solutions together with multiple partners in Smart Manufacturing work hard to offer our customers everything they need to scale their business.

If your company is seeking the latest and greatest that technology has to offer, join MIE Solutions in our industrial revolution and become the future. To learn more visit the MIE Solutions website at www.mie-solutions.com.

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