Blenders Eyewear unveils new line of blue light lenses

SAN DIEGO, July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Blenders Eyewear today released its first line of blue light glasses, bringing fresh and fun styles inside to help people who are spending ever-longer days in front of a screen. In its initial foray into office style, "Blenders Blue Light" offers up two designs, each available in four colorways.

"There's increased demand for fun office fashion that makes sense as we spend increasingly long hours in front of our screens - more now than ever. Bringing in Blenders for an extra measure of office safety at this moment falls right in line with our mission to live in forward motion and we're stoked to open up more solutions for our customers," said Blenders Eyewear CEO and Founder Chase Fisher.

Blenders Blue Light styles are designed for fashionable office workers interested in an extra measure of protection for their eyes, or for anyone looking to minimize eye fatigue. Photos are available here. The L Series is a squared, lightweight frame and features Blenders signature bright colors with names including, "Social Cat," "Data Daze," "Smart Rebel," and "Hustle Up." The Coastal is a more rounded style with subtle splashes of color coming through on the arms in "Classy Attitude," Money Meister," "Project Whiskey," and "Clearly Wild." All styles are available for under $50.

Blenders is on a mission to inspire people to live life in forward motion. Founded in 2012 by a San Diego surf coach, Fisher grew the company from a backpack business on the beach to a global brand in five years.

Blenders first gained a stronghold in the surf community. Its roster of athletes includes top pro surfer Lakey Peterson, Pro Snowboarders Cam FitzPatrick and Jessika Jenson, and more. For more, visit

About Blenders Eyewear
Blenders Eyewear was founded in 2012 by Chase Fisher in San Diego, Calif. Blenders produces a wide range of sunglasses and snow goggles. Driven by a company-wide motto of "life in forward motion," its products are predicated upon a bold aesthetic that emphasizes progressive colorways aimed at an active lifestyle. Now a talented team of spunky and spirited designers, photographers, and communicators, Blenders is one of America's fastest-growing sunglasses brands. For more information, visit

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