New Mexico Higher Education Department selects Hyland Credentials for Higher Education

CLEVELAND, July 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The New Mexico Higher Education Department (HED) has selected Hyland Credentials for Higher Education, a no-code, complete solution for digital credentialing, to launch its blockchain credentialing initiative for Higher Education institutions throughout the state. The statewide effort will empower New Mexico schools and students with instantly verifiable credentials - including diplomas, certificates, badges and transcripts.

Phase one of its implementation will focus on transitioning to digital diplomas, helping New Mexico HED grow and enhance the service it provides to new and recently graduated students. The Hyland Credentials solution provides a configurable tool to design and customize credentials, import recipient data and issue credentials - anchored to any blockchain using the Blockcerts open standard.

"Colleges and universities are reevaluating many processes in response to COVID-19 to support digital-first initiatives," said Kevin Flanagan, director of higher education and government sales at Hyland. "Many educational institutions realize that paper-based credentials are slow to issue, easy to fake and expensive to verify. Hyland Credentials for Higher Education empowers both students and schools by creating a simple, fast way to issue, manage and verify official records in a blockchain-secured digital format."

"We are truly pleased to make issuing and using school certificates, diplomas, and transcripts easier, quicker, less costly, more convenient and highly secure," said Bogi Malecki, New Mexico HED's director of information technology. "That's where we see the biggest benefit that blockchain-based credentials can bestow. Thanks to our partners, schools and Hyland, the technology is ready and poised to benefit graduates and schools across our state."

Five colleges and universities in New Mexico have already incorporated Blockcerts digital diplomas into their issuing systems, including:

    --  Northern New Mexico College
    --  Santa Fe College
    --  Mesalands
    --  San Juan College
    --  Ayurvedic

"We are very excited to pilot the Hyland Credentials for Higher Education program at Northern New Mexico College. We are confident that this will offer a convenient and efficient process for diplomas and transcripts for our students and graduates, and thank the New Mexico Higher Education Department for its innovative leadership," said Richard Bailey, PhD, president of Northern New Mexico College.

Phase two of the project will incorporate digital transcripts for recent graduates and alumni. Once finalized, New Mexico HED will look to partner with the New Mexico Departments of Workforce Solutions and Information Technology, as well as major state employers to readily accept and use these blockchain credentials within the hiring process.

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