Flor Americas Opens Seed Funding Round for Expansion in Global Cannabinoid Export Market

Flor Americas, a vertically integrated manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids for global markets, today announced the opening of its seed funding round to expand company infrastructure and operations.

Amid the pandemic-induced headwinds in global trade, the legal cannabis industry remains a growth sector, due to ever-expanding demand in countries with limited production capabilities, such as Brazil, Germany and Australia, among others.

“With our company headquarters and manufacturing facility located within Uruguay’s free-trade zone, Flor Americas is building its network as a leading South American export partner,” said Roy McFarland, CEO. “The seed-funding capital will facilitate the expansion of our cannabis cultivation and buildout of manufacturing operations, for fulfillment of established contract-manufacturing agreements with companies in Brazil and the European Union.”

Flor Americas is poised to achieve European Union Good Manufacturing Practices (EU GMP) certification for production of cannabis-derived ingredients such as CBD, THC and other cannabinoids and derivatives at its manufacturing facility in Uruguay’s capital city of Montevideo.

Coupled with its wholly owned subsidiary cultivation operation on 1,500 hectares (5.8 square miles), Flor Americas is well-positioned to scale its production to meet global market demand, which grew 91% last year outside the U.S. and Canada.

Uruguay, which was the first country in the world to permit cannabis cultivation and export of cannabis-derived THC and CBD to global markets, recently exported two of the largest-ever shipments of cannabis to the European market, according to international reports.

“It’s clear that Uruguay fully supports the growth of its cannabis industry. And with nearly three decades of collective experience in the cannabis industries in North America, Europe and Uruguay, our executive leadership team has the necessary experience and the wherewithal to drive our expansion as a reliable cannabis supply chain partner,” McFarland concluded.

The funding round is open to family offices, venture capital firms and angel investors. For more information, contact ir@floramericas.com.

About Flor Americas

Flor Americas brings together sustainable cultivation methodologies and science-based manufacturing to advance the global cannabis supply chain. As a vertically integrated cannabis processor based in Uruguay, the first country to legalize cannabis and establish a global export market, Flor Americas proudly sets a new standard for EU GMP-certified production of medical-grade cannabinoids and private-label products, providing supply-chain security worldwide. To learn more, visit FlorAmericas.com.