NYU Langone Health Expands Ambulatory Care Network on Long Island

NEW YORK, July 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- NYU Langone Health continues to broaden access to primary and specialty care in Nassau County, welcoming three board-certified specialists in obstetrics, gynecology, and gastroenterology to its physician network on Long Island.

"We tailor our clinical services to meet the needs of patients where they live and work, so they can receive care without the need to travel far," said Andrew Rubin, senior vice president for clinical affairs and ambulatory care at NYU Langone.

NYU Langone Women's Health Associates--Woodbury

Longtime colleagues Steven D. Cohen, MD, and Wendy R. Frost, NP, from the newly renamed NYU Langone Women's Health Associates--Woodbury, provide wellness care and expertise in the management of a variety of gynecologic conditions. They also offer obstetrics care for pregnancy, including those at high-risk, with virtual maternal-fetal consultations available with specialists at NYU Winthrop Hospital.

Dr. Cohen conducts minimally invasive surgery and deliveries at NYU Winthrop, which has an internationally renowned Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, as well as the only fetal surgery program on Long Island.

"I've always felt a strong connection to the team at NYU Winthrop, having delivered many babies there over the years, and now we're officially a part of the NYU Langone family," said Dr. Cohen.

In addition to seeing patients in the Woodbury office, Dr. Cohen and Frost also see patients at NYU Langone Women's Health Associates--New Hyde Park.

Expanding World-Class Gastroenterology Care

Expanding its gastroenterology network on Long Island, NYU Langone also recently welcomed Chaim Ross, MD, at NYU Langone at Great Neck Medical, and Leah M. Lieber, MD, at NYU Langone Ambulatory Care Lake Success. These physicians provide general gastrointestinal (GI) care for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of digestive disorders.

Before joining NYU Langone's faculty group practice, Dr. Ross was an attending physician at NYU Winthrop, where he received their "Attending of the Year" award for internal medicine several years in a row.

"Building trusting relationships with my patients is a critical aspect of the care I provide," said Dr. Ross. "It allows me to tailor treatment to their specific needs, so I'm able to care for the whole patient, not just their condition."

Dr. Lieber, who trained in hepatology and nutrition, consults with patients about healthy food choices and exercise to treat GI issues. She also specializes in women's health-related GI conditions, like abdominal bloating, as well as fatty liver disease and other obesity-related GI issues.

Having gastroenterology services embedded within a larger multispecialty practice enables doctors to provide streamlined care for patients. "GI issues present themselves in different ways, so often patients first discuss their problems with their primary care physician, who then promptly refers them to me -- usually during the same appointment -- for diagnosis and treatment," said Dr. Lieber.

High-Quality, Integrated Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

During the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, NYU Langone locations remained open and put in place strict safety procedures following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Patients can now safely reschedule any surgeries and appointments postponed during COVID-19 and receive the highest level of care.

"We are taking extraordinary precautions to make sure our physician practices, emergency rooms, and hospitals are as safe as they can possibly be," said Rubin.

NYU Langone has maintained its position as a national leader while growing its ambulatory care network throughout New York City, Long Island, and Florida. In 2019, NYU Langone received the Ambulatory Care Quality and Accountability Award from Vizient, Inc., for demonstrating excellence in delivering high-quality, efficient, and effective patient-centered care in its outpatient settings.

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