DHI Group's ClearanceJobs Launches New Site Feature That Automates Critical Recruiting Processes

NEW YORK, July 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- DHI Group, Inc. (NYSE: DHX) today announced that ClearanceJobs, the leading career marketplace for professionals with security clearances, has released Workflow, a product feature that allows recruiters to pre-program processes throughout the talent acquisition lifecycle, saving them time on typically tedious recruiting tasks. In the world of cleared candidate sourcing, time is money, and top candidates are here today - gone tomorrow. With competition for cleared talent at an all-time high, Workflow helps government contracting companies and agencies stay competitive and find success in one of their most difficult business challenges - quickly connecting with top talent.

Workflow allows recruiting teams to automate recruitment processes like connecting with potential candidates, sending introduction messages, or tagging candidates to a specific job opening, all without the recruiter lifting a finger. The same cutting-edge, intelligent automation that allows your mobile device to predict where you want to go next or set your home to the perfect temperature can now help recruiters find and land top talent.

"ClearanceJobs has a history of introducing tools that revolutionize the recruiting process, saving companies time, and empowering them to attract and engage quality talent," said Evan Lesser, Founder and President of ClearanceJobs.com. "It's not an understatement to say Workflow can fundamentally change the way recruiting teams complete day-to-day recruiting processes, acting as a force multiplier and virtual recruiting resource for a variety of daily tasks."

Workflow communicates with candidates on behalf of recruiters, completing predetermined tasks that recruiters usually do manually. It works on the If/Then principle - IF a candidate meeting specified criteria views a company profile, for example, THEN Workflow will, for example, send a message introducing a company's recent contract win.

Workflow takes a recruitment team's efficiency levels to critical mass while still enabling recruiters to stand out from the crowd with enriched and unique messaging. With the recruiting busy work taken care of, recruiters will be able to spend their time doing the tasks that interested them in recruiting in the first place - building valuable connections.

Workflow helps recruiters and hiring managers:

    --  Kickstart Candidate Outreach. By automating pre-phone screen processes,
        more candidates can be connected with by the recruiter role, opening
        two-way dialogue between recruiters and defense industry professionals
        in a timely manner, leading to the job opening being filled by a
        best-matched candidate.
    --  Recruiter Time Optimized. Pre-programming tedious, monotonous processes
        allows recruiters to focus on brand awareness, recruitment marketing,
        and other impactful recruiting activities.
    --  Manage Multiple Workflows. ClearanceJobs customers can manage up to two
        Workflows at a time, at no additional cost. Customizing Workflows with
        job descriptions, candidate locations, clearance level, and skill level,
        recruiters are able to fill multiple current and future staffing needs.
        This first in industry, cutting-edge recruitment automation is always
        working, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to help companies respond
        first when in-demand candidates hit the market.

The ClearanceJobs IntelliSearch(TM) engine is built into Workflows, so recruiters can match by job description to ensure they reach the most relevant new candidates. IntelliSearch makes recruiter searches and matches even smarter, using deep machine learning to find relevant candidates based on keywords and concepts.

Learn more about Workflow.

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DHI Group, Inc (NYSE: DHX) is a provider of software products, online tools and services to deliver career marketplaces to candidates and employers globally. DHI's three brands --Dice, ClearanceJobs and eFinancialCareers-- enable recruiters and hiring managers to efficiently search, match and connect with highly skilled technologists in specialized fields, particularly technology, those with active government security clearances and in financial services. Professionals find ideal employment opportunities, relevant job advice and personalized data to best manage their whole technologist life. For nearly 30 years, we have leveraged the latest technology to foster career connections in multiple markets including North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region. Find out more at www.dhigroupinc.com.

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