Agility CMS and Gatsby Team Up to Dominate the Modern Web with the World's Best Tools for Editors and the Fastest Developer Experience

TORONTO, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Agility CMS is a Content Management System that allows marketing teams to create and manage content across their digital properties. Agility CMS is revolutionizing the Headless CMS industry by providing tools that close the gap between monolithic traditional CMS platforms and pure developer-centric CMS tools. This hybrid approach eliminates creative limitations and security concerns created by the previous generation of CMS software. It provides complete creative freedom for web developers while presenting familiar authoring tools to editors and content creators. This focus on improving both the developer experience and the editor experience with features like page management, content modelling and sitemaps differentiate Agility CMS from other solutions in the market.

Gatsby is one of the most popular Static Site Generators available today. Static site generators allow users to create a static, HTML-based website that doesn't rely on databases or external data sources at runtime, therefore avoiding server-side processing when accessing your website. One of the things marketers appreciate the most about Gatsby is that it's optimized for speed; it loads the parts of the website needed at that moment and prefetches resources for other pages quickly. That makes Gatsby a solid choice if users want to access data quickly and consistently.

Static websites have gained popularity for not relying on expensive servers in order to render content, as well as being extremely fast, secure, and reliable. However, static websites can be a hassle for content editors who have to regularly interact with the website codebase to make updates to content. That is where Agility CMS steps in: by providing a headless content management system for managing the content behind Gatsby in your static websites.

Now Gatsby Cloud allows users to integrate any web app with Agility CMS to seamlessly allow content edits while preserving the performance of the website - running performant builds while previewing content changes is a powerful improvement that users and developers will find valuable.

"The Agility and Gatsby partnership is really exciting - It means that "headless" content creation is finally becoming editor-friendly. Gatsby Cloud allows you to integrate your site with Agility CMS in order to run performant builds and preview content changes made in the CMS before publishing. In that way, Preview is like a private playground for developers, designers, and content creators. This means that a more flexible, secure, and faster headless content creation flow is now becoming mainstream." - Linda Watkins, VP of Partnerships, Gatsby

Building a Gatsby site with Agility CMS provides a best-in-class experience for both editors and developers to create blazing-fast websites. Gatsby is optimized for speed and is easy to integrate with a variety of data sources. With a Gatsby starter solution, getting a site up and running with Agility CMS is easy.

"Our integration with Gatsby is the only one that will not only source your content but also generate your pages and sitemap for you from the CMS. This leaves developers to build UI components and empowers editors to compose and manage all the content." Joel Varty, President of Agility CMS commented.

"This saves tremendous resources and increases efficiency across teams," said Jon Voigt, CEO, Agility CMS. "Our customers can now build even faster by leveraging their existing content investments, by using technologies such as?JAMstack ?and Gatsby. We are doubling down on these technologies and I'm very excited about this partnership with Gatsby."

What makes Agility CMS a particularly good fit for Gatsby sites is that Agility CMS not only provides native support for Gatsby but with Agility's built-in Page Management, the plugin can automatically generate web pages based on a page tree defined in the CMS. This means editors can create their own pages, add and remove content on each page, and move things around on the sitemap, all without requiring assistance from a developer.

This tutorial will guide you through how to get started with Gatsby and Agility CMS using a starter-site for free. Stay tuned for more integrations with Gatsby and more sample solutions to try out how great Agility CMS and Gatsby work together. Gatsby provides a remarkable Developer Experience (DX) and enables blazing-fast User Experiences (UX) while Agility's robust authoring tools such as Page Management deliver a best-in-class Editor Experience (EX).

Agility? CMS ?is a Content-First Headless CMS, allowing you to choose any programming language while also getting the flexibility, speed and power that comes from lightweight APIs. Agility?CMS?becomes a complete Digital Experience Platform-saving time, removing limitations and allowing for seamless experiences across all digital channels.?

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