The Michigan Association of Recovery Residences (MARR) Using Certemy for NARR Recovery Residence Certification

LOS ANGELES, July 30, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Certemy, a leading provider of professional certification management software for certification boards and association, announced today that the Michigan Association of Recovery Residences (MARR) are now using Certemy to automate their certification steps, allowing for a faster and more efficient process for Michigan's recovery residence operators.

"Certemy transformed our certification process," said Kayla Hull, Project Manager for the Michigan Association of Recovery Residences. "Replacing our paper-based system with a single software solution that combines digital document management, online payment processing, and electronic signatures, has saved considerable time for us and our recovery residence operators. It has also allowed us to become more eco-friendly by reducing our paper demands. Beyond functionality, our Certemy implementation along with their support team's flexibility and dependability have been second to none."


By replacing a paper-based system heavily dependent on email, snail-mail, and filing cabinets, Certemy helps MARR solve all of the following problems:

    --  Allows operators to submit applications, renewals, payments, and
        supporting documentation online instead of mailing them. This makes it
        easy for both parties to check submission status and review evidence
        documents in minutes rather than hunting through emails and filing
    --  Allows operators to complete their application/documentation/renewal
        process online and save automatically to resume later as they gather
        required information and documentation instead of having to complete it
        in one sitting.
    --  Allows operators to pay their certification fees online instantly rather
        than mailing in a check or money order. This also eliminates the need
        for staff to deposit checks and money orders at the bank.
    --  Allows operators to electronically sign evidence documents as part of
        MARR's attestation requirements.
    --  Allows staff to review applications and other documents as soon as they
        are submitted online rather than waiting for a snail mail packet.
    --  Allows staff to request additional or corrected information instantly,
        via email alerts, as they review submissions rather than make notes and
        send emails later.
    --  Automatically email status updates and deadline reminders to operators,
        so staff do not have to send them manually.
    --  Provides staff and operators with a shared system of record to track
        every application and renewal status, so both parties are always on the
        same page. This eliminates the need to review email threads and paper
        records to understand the status of a particular application or renewal.
    --  Provides staff with dashboards and reports that ensure everyone can see
        the overall status of all certified and pending operators at a glance,
        and proactively identify and resolve issues as they arise.
    --  Allows staff to log in as any certified or pending operator as needed to
        guide them through any questions or concerns.
    --  Automatically generate and email certificates to residences upon
        successful completion of MARR's certification process, and provide
        availability to apply copies of their certificates and certification
        letters to their profile.
    --  Automatically update an online registry that allows any interested party
        to check the current MARR certification status of any recovery


MARR first heard about Certemy at an industry conference. After briefly considering building a custom solution, and following a convincing demonstration of Certemy's capabilities, MARR selected Certemy for the following reasons:

    --  Cost

As a smaller association with limited funding, MARR needed a solution with affordable and predictable pricing. Certemy offers annual all-in-one pricing that includes implementation, training, support, and monthly platform updates. Also, because Certemy's instant configuration features allow board staff to change application and renewal requirements without programming, MARR knew they would not have to worry about unexpected change fees down the line.

    --  Ease of Use

MARR needed a solution that would be easy for its staff and recovery operators to learn and use. Former program administrators designed Certemy based on their intimate knowledge of the credentialing process and the typical problems encountered during application and renewal processes.

    --  Ease of implementation

MARR did not have time to engage in a lengthy and involved implementation process. They were able to share their certification requirements with their Certemy implementation team and let them show MARR how to configure Certemy for a perfect match.

    --  Ease of change

The NARR certification standard is continuously evolving. MARR needed a solution they could change or extend at any time without programming or expensive change orders. Certemy's simple administration interface allows MARR to change any aspect of its program -- such as adding a new document requirement or increasing a fee -- in seconds with a few simple clicks. Similarly, MARR can add or change their database in seconds, again without programming.

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The Michigan Association of Recovery Residences, Inc. (MARR) is the Michigan statewide affiliate of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences, Inc. (NARR). The term "Recovery Residence" was adopted by NARR and refers to standards-based recovery housing. As the sole Michigan NARR Affiliate, MARR certifies provider compliance with the NARR standards and code of ethics. The standards are based upon the Social Model of Recovery Philosophy (Social Model) which emerged in California some 70 years ago, attracted science-based academic researchers over the following decades which, in turn, led to Social Model expanding nationwide in the late '60s. Recovery-oriented housing founded on Social Model principles continues to be studied academically due to its proven effectiveness in promoting and sustaining long-term recovery.


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