International Slumber Party Empowers 10,000 Young Women of Color

ATLANTA, Aug. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Black women from more than 20 countries set to celebrate "Girlfriends Day." The FREE virtual event features career advice, health & wellness, beauty, building weath and more. Presented by Sister Diamonds LLC.

     WHO:                 The International Slumber Party (ISP)-The
                              world's largest virtual sleepover!
                              Presented by Sister Diamonds LLC.

     WHAT:     More than 10,000 women of color (WOC),
                   ages 18 - 25 will come together for a
                   FREE 24-hour virtual experience to
                   celebrate and cultivate leadership,
                   brilliance and divine purpose. The event
                   theme, "Don't Sleep," is a bold
                   declaration of each woman's commitment to
                   live with intention, celebrate her unique
                   beauty and always strive to unlock

     WHEN:     Saturday, August 1st- International
                   Girlfriends Day.

     WHERE:    The US, Africa (Nigeria, S. Africa), the
                   Caribbean (Antigua, Guyana, Jamaica, and

     WHY:      Inspired by the nostalgia of a sleepover,
                   the ISP will empower, engage, and
                   cultivate its "Sister Diamonds"-a
                   diverse mix of student leaders, recent
                   grads, aspiring entrepreneurs, and early
                   careerists - all of whom are on a mission
                   to change the world.

                  For years, society has told WOCs that all
                   you have to do is work really, really
                   hard, and you will be successful. In
                   reality, success takes a village, and hard
                   work only goes so far. Through ISP,
                   attendees will gain access to an extensive
                   network of mentors, sponsors, and friends.
                   This ensures growth, access to new
                   perspectives, and resources that help
                   diverse women level up personally and

                  More than 100 speakers and panelists will
                   cover topics such as health and wellness,
                   social justice, financial planning and
                   entrepreneurship, among others.

     SPEAKERS: Confirmed speakers include: Lisa Nichols,
                   best-selling author and motivational
                   speaker, the Honorable Mayor Shirley
                   Franklin, first female mayor of the City
                   of Atlanta, Mikki Taylor, editor-at-
                   large, Essence Magazine, Mary Schmidt
                   Campbell, president of Spelman College,
                   Cynthia Bailey and a host of industry

About Sister Diamonds, LLC

The International Slumber Party (ISP) is a place where women of color all over the world will be seen, heard, celebrated, and uplifted. Created by Sister Diamonds LLC co-founders, Crystal Khalil and Dr. Nicole LaBeach, the ISP provides opportunities to develop future talent for the corporate and small business landscape. For more info, or to become a sponsor visit

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