Drug Inactive Ingredient Bioactivities Revealed with BioMAP® Platform Published in Science Magazine

ST. CHARLES, Mo., Aug. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Eurofins Discovery, the leading provider of services and products to the drug discovery industry, announces publication of "The Activities of Drug Inactive Ingredients on Biological Targets" by Pottel et. al., in Science. This peer-reviewed publication describes analysis of excipient interactions with biological targets and the effects of excipients in human phenotypic assays, assessed using Eurofins Discovery's BioMAP(®) Platform. Excipients are ingredients added during the formulation and manufacturing of a medicine to aid in manufacturing, bioavailability, and storage integrity of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). The publication represents a collaborative effort led by Brian Shoichet from the University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA and Laszlo Urban of Novartis, Cambridge, MA.

To understand the contribution of excipients to biological effects and safety impacts of marketed drugs, the authors took a two-pronged approach: computational methods to identify potential targets of more than 600 FDA approved excipients, and experimental screening of 73 widespread excipients against a panel of safety-related and other targets. In parallel, phenotypic profiling using the combination of human disease models and advanced analytics provided by the BioMAP Platform enabled assessment of bioactivities and toxicity-related effects of 12 common excipients frequently found in drug formulations. Phenotypic profiling using BioMAP Diversity PLUS(®) Panels allowed the team to determine activities and toxicity signatures, including for those excipients found in common drugs including hydrocodone, simvastatin, and levothyroxine.

This proof-of-concept study demonstrates a systematic, multi-pronged approach to determine bioactivities of excipients at concentrations reflective of what may exist in patients exposed to multiple medications, supplements, and or personal care products. In this study, drug excipients, formally classified as "inactive ingredients", were shown to have substantial activities on medically relevant targets and in human cell-based models of tissue biology. While these results do not necessarily imply that excipients will have adverse effects on human health, they do suggest that caution and further study are warranted.

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