HerdX Advances the Future of Food Safety

WASHINGTON, Aug. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- History shows us that when tragic events happen, new innovations and greater industry standards are birthed. The entire world facing this pandemic together is resulting in unified steps toward greater transparency in the food industry.

"My children will have the ability to know where their food comes from, and how it was raised," Chief Business Development officer at HerdX, Lauren Jones, said. "Their everyday life will consist of making buying choices based off of the knowledge given to them by actual verified data, not just shiny marketing claims and polished sales pitches. My children will know blockchain tracking as a norm in the food industry."

Blockchain tracking is proving to be the future of the food industry. The FDA recently released a statement that they will be looking "into new technologies that include, but are not limited to, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, sensor technologies, and blockchain."

The points below are what the FDA says will be the core elements in the "New Era of Smarter Food Safety:"

    --  Tech-enabled Traceability
    --  Smarter Tools and Approaches for Prevention and Outbreak Response
    --  New Business Models and Retail Modernization
    --  Food Safety Culture

The pandemic has brought new pressures and restrictions forcing the restaurant and food supply chains to evolve. New technologies that fit the New Era guidelines are making their appearance.

On Wednesday, July 29, HerdX partnered with Fogo de Chão and UPS to showcase how blockchain technology can be utilized in a "to go" setting. During a one night only event, Washington DC locals along with food industry stakeholders, legislators and Embassy officials were able to order curbside pick-up meals that were traced by the HerdX blockchain system. They were able to see verified data of where their Picanha cuts originated, which was from Dean and Peeler Meatworks in South Texas. Representative Henry Cuellar was among those to participate in the showcase in support of cattle ranchers in his South Texas district.

HerdX, an agri-tech and data company, created the first end-to-end solution from farm to table for beef and lamb products. Starting at the farm, the HerdView(TM) system tracks animal movement providing insights and herd management tools for farmers. A select piece of that data is uploaded to the blockchain and travels through the entire supply chain where then the meat is presented to the customer at a restaurant or grocery store. The customer is able to scan a QR code on the menu to view verified health and provenance data of the meat they are eating.

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